Hobyar Mah. Ankara Cad. No:29/3 Fatih-Istanbul, TURKEY

6 Days Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Ephesus Tour Experienced

Everything went perfect! From ground transportation, hotel accommodation, domestic flights and especially the tour itinerary arranged for us! Turkey is definitely worth to visit.

Thank you for providing us nice hotel in each town we visited, all the vehicle used were all clean, the tour guide/driver from Shah Mat travel Mr. Nezvat for being so accommodating, making us laugh for the entire 2 days tour at Cappadocia and for taking good care of us, also Ms. Jubra for being one of the best tour guide! We really enjoyed your company.

I would like to especially commend our travel consultant Ms. Tujan Cevik for arranging everything smoothly. Even though it was really a last minute booking, she managed to book it as per our requested itinerary. I would also like to thank you for being flexible and being available all the time whenever we have some assistance during our trip, not to mention for helping us for our on the spot request to extend our stay. Thank you for making my birthday trip memorable and amazing! Kudos to your excellent customer service and professionalism Ms. Tujan!

Being in a travel industry as well, I would definitely recommend www.dailyistanbultours.com above all others.

Thanks again, we’ll definitely contact you for future trip.

Glaiza de Leon

Great Day in Istanbul

Soner made our day in Istanbul a great one! We only had one day in Istanbul on a cruise stop, but we felt like we saw some of the best that Turkey had to offer. Soner met us at the cruise ship dock and took us to the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia), the massive underground cistern, and the grand bazarr. He took us to a famous turkish restaurant for lunch and brought us to a place to enjoy a turkish coffee. Soner was able ot get us through the busiest attractions before they became too crowded and stayed with us the whole day explaining everything as we went along. He tailored the day to our requests and answered any questions (even the dumb ones) with respect and humor. we were very glad that we had Soner and not the MSC cruise excursion.

Oregon / USA

Reviewed April 20, 2012

Michelle R

Ebru all the way

I have to say that TripAdvisor really is THE source when it comes to things to do in different cities. Daily Istanbul Tours was the way to go for our 2 day stint in this wonderful city. At first, 80euros seemed to be a bit steep for a tour, but then we realized that most of the costs go into the entrance fees and of course, LUNCH! Seems like Soner is quite the popular guy...always booked. However, Ebru was definitely a gem. She was extremely knowledgeable about all the places we visited on our Classic Istanbul Tour: Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Grand Bazarr, and Topkapi Palace. After our last stop, we had about 2 hours before the anticipated tour end time, so she even took the time to tour us through the Basilica Cistern and Spice Bazaar! She wanted to ensure that we got the most out of our tour experience -- highly appreciated!

Two other highlights of the tour: 1) Pudding Shop seems to be Ebru's stomping grounds and restaurant of choice. She knew everyone there! I have to say that the food was good quality, albeit a bit greasy (one meat dish, veggie dish, and choice of dessert). 2) Having a personal driver was also a perk of this tour. Feels nice rollin around Istanbul in a Mercedes Benz BUS.

In summary, go with Ebru! Haven't had the chance to take the tour with Soner, but Ebru is definitely the way to go!

New York City, New York

Reviewed April 19, 2012

Scott C

Great tour

Soner was booked that day and got us a substitiute guide named Mrs. Ebru. She was wonderful. She picked us up at the hotel on time and our group of four jointed two others for the day long tour. We were going to leave on a cruise following our visit and the other two members of this tour were also on our ship. Mrs. Ebru spoke great English and knew her way around. The place she took us for lunch was also fantastic. I'd do this again on my next visit. We can't recommend this enough.

Dallas, TX

Reviewed April 18, 2012

Ted G

A Wonderful Tour of Istanbul

Two of my friends and I booked a private full day tour with Daily Istanbul Tours. It was a well organized and an extremely pleasant tour. Our guide Mrs. Ebru was very informative and made the entire day easy and fun.

I highly recommend this tour service. They were easy to work with, prompt, affordable, and fun!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Reviewed April 16, 2012

Dean H

Great Personal Attention and Service Attitude

We booked Soner for a private tour of 4, including my parents. We booked a private tour because it was important for us to have a customized and flexible experience. We also didn't want to run the risk of holding up a group, since my parents are in their late 70s and are naturally slower, and I didn't want them to have to be rushed. Also, while conversant, English is not my parents' native language, so it would've been helpful to have a guide who was willing to be a bit more patient and flexible with the arrangements.

I have no complaints about Soner; in fact, I can't thank him enough for having been so accommodating with our group, and so patient and friendly with my parents. From inquiry about his services (via phone and email) to confirmation to the actual tour, the entire "experience" was smooth, efficient and clear.

About the actual tour: Soner planned an itinerary for us, but was completely flexible about it. I assured him that he was under no pressure to finish everything on the itinerary. Key was to make sure my parents had a great experience, at a leisurely pace, and had a chance to learn as much about the history and significance of the sites. Soner completely met my expectations. At no point did he ever rush us. He was very knowledgeable, and was very clear in his introductions (his English is very good), and wouldn't mind repeating or clarifying himself (my father is a bit hard of hearing, so this happened quite a lot). My mom was quite keen on shopping for high-end leather goods, and Soner even took us to a leather wholesaler at the edge of town. This wasn't part of the itinerary (going back to the point about being flexible). It was about 6PM and my mom was still in the store. The day tour should've ended by then, but again, Soner never showed any signs of anxiety to end the day. I was the one who started feeling bad and rushed my mom to finish up. Soner even asked us if there were other places we would've liked to visit.

Thanks Soner for the wonderful day, for being accommodating and patient, and for making me happy by seeing a very satisfied pair of parents! Will definitely look up Soner again when I visit Turkey next.

Hong Kong / China

Reviewed April 14, 2012

Cartman B

One of the best tours I've ever taken

Soner is an excellent guide. He is so knowledgeable and really is able to bring all the history of Istanbul to life. He keeps his groups very small. There were just 6 of us. It made for a much mor enjoyable experience having such a small group. Highly, highly recommended.


Reviewed April 12, 2012

Lisa S

Highly Recommend Soner & Group

We were in Istanbul for three days. Soner & his group were outsanding. We highly recommend them.

Houston, Texas

Reviewed April 1, 2012  

Sharon L

Tour of Topkai Palace and cruise on the Bosphorus

This was an interesting full day tour. The ride on the Bosphorus was very interesting. The homes along the water are very special. The Topkapi Palace is gorgeous and should not be missed, even though you have to take off your shoes.
New York City, New York
Reviewed March 28, 2012
Evelyn S

Soner thank you for making this trip so special

Dear Soner
This review is aimed specifically at you. Thank you so much for all your time, knowledge, professionalism, care and for making those 4 days that we spent with you, so special. I'm so glad that I got your name on TripAdviser and that you had time to show us the best and most beautiful parts of Istanbul.

To all of you reading this review, this is by far the best way to explore Istanbul and you'll certainly not regret it. Once again, thank you.
All the best,
Davor and Nena

Johannesburg, South Africa

Reviewed March 26, 2012

Davor N

An excellent day out!

This was our first visit to Istanbul and we chose Soner following good reviews on Trip Advisor. We were not disappointed and had a fabulous days sightseeing taking in all the main attractions and a very pleasant lunch. We also had him arrange our airport transfers. Money well spent and would heartily recommend.

Horsham, United Kingdom

Reviewed March 20, 2012
Graham H

Beautiful Istanbul

A most enjoyable trip very well organized with friendly and caring people. Although we had only two days stay in Istanbul the programme chalked out was very fulfilling and we packed in maximum. Would definitely like to return back for a few more days when the weather is not so cold!!

Karachi, Pakistan

Reviewed March 19, 2012

Najiba Q

Simply the Best

If you only have limited time and want to get the most out of your trip to Istanbul then Soner is the man to see. We booked our tour through Daily Istanbul Tours with Soner several weeks prior to arriving in Istanbul and with all travel plans – things unfortunately change.

But Soner was more than accommodating with our ever-changing schedule and what started out as a 5 hour sight seeing tour turned into a 7½ hour adventure into the history of an absolutely amazing city and culture. The Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Underground Cisterns and the Grand Bazaar all formed part of our afternoon. But what made it most enjoyable was Soner’s friendly personality and knowledge, not only of the sights we visited, but also of Istanbul, Turkey and of Islam. Soner had us completely immersed in this history of this amazing country – so much so we were still talking about it several days later. And when he dropped us back at our hotel it felt like we were saying goodbye to an old friend.

We cannot recommend Soner highly enough. Book him, you won’t be disappointed

Sydney, Australia

Reviewed March 19, 2012

Leisa K

Daily Istanbul Tours - Honest and excellent services.

We had great experience travelling with Daily Istanbul tours.

We were travelling with Seniors and small children. Bus Driver and the tour guide were very helpful from day one when they picked up from the Airport and dropped us to our hotel. Tour guide provided all the information and assistance we needed for our 3 days stay in Istanbul. It was a pleasant and wonderful experience selecting Daily Istanbul tours. We were comfortable with the tour guide as they were flexible and helpful in accomodating our needs due to seniors and childrens.On our way back to airport one of us accidentally dropped stuff from wallet in their van. After we left the driver noticed and the owner notified us via email that we dropped something in their van and would return it. They took our mailing information and were gladly able to mail it back to us.

We appreciate their honesty and customer service.

Houston, Texas

Reviewed March 19, 2012

Sue P

Superb guidance through the historical sites for those on a tight Schedule.

Soner is a very kind & fun guide to take you through the historical sites of Istanbul. For our tour two other groups cancelled on him so he only guided two of us on the same full tour - plus we veered off the tour as we had already seen the grand bazaar. Soner knows the history well and has excellent English. We stopped at the major sites listed on the itinerary: Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, plus Soner took us for some Turkish Coffee at Pierre Loti and a fun car ride to see the city walls.

Definitely recommended!

Chicago, Illinois

Reviewed March 2, 2012

Margaret M


The trip was very wonderful especially with the tour advisor sonor.After i have visited istanbul I have mentioned his name to each and every one of my family and friends.He cares and look after everybody .Even the older people loves him.I can recmond to him he is just wonderful and I hope to have another holiday in Istanbul and have a tour with him.

London, United Kingdom

Reviewed March 2, 2012

Rukhsana Q


His company's name may be general, but the day with Soner is anything but that! This was the most AUTHENTIC "LOCAL" experience I have ever had & have traveled/toured alot, thus this is also the FIRST time I am reviewing any tour I have been on!! (I hope that convinces you, if not, read on!)

I found Soner with Daily Istanbul Tours and was truly able to experience the City, not just tour it. I didn't feel like I was in a classroom, but rather Soner had shared "his Istanbul" with me and after 1/2 day with him, experiencing Istanbul like he does everyday. Soner was MORE a FRIEND THAN a GUIDE, he showed me the sights, took me to his favorite spots in the Spice Market/Egyptian Bazaar (avoid the Grand Bazaar, or as a local called it "The Junk Bazaar"), cruised the Bosphorus, gave great recs for dinners (and offered to make reservations!), not to mention great tips for shopping (esp helpful if you are like me, looking for a good place for quality/authetic rugs, linens, spices, etc), got his recs for buying local linens/rugs/etc (Galeri Suzani, Spice Market. the best, authentic, great deals/people!).

*SONER - my guide...genuine, personable, knowledgeable...Soner is very friendly from the start, speaks great English (he lived in America for 6 months working at Mt. Rushmore...who can say that!?) and I had great conversations with him all day long...even about his favorite country style meals from Kentucky + Nashville! Awesome! I loved getting to know Istanbul through Soner and his life. His family, his kids, his wife, a teacher and more. So friendly!!**

*LOCAL EXPERIENCE. No gimmicks unlike others.... It was as if I had found a new local FRIEND to take me around vs a large tour that promises the "local experience." (I had a colleague who toured w/one and was not pleased). Of course I learned about the history and the people, but I also learned about Soner's family, his past, his thoughts on his country, favorite travels (if you live far from Europe/Middle East/Africa, it is always interesting to hear where people from those areas like to travel most since so many are close!). You can't beat the experience of getting to actually "know" someone and all that they love in their home city...it surpasses following someone around and being "entertained" all day with various gimmicky things. Go with Soner and you will be eager to return! I highly recommend!

*EXCITED TO RETURN...I mean this genuinely. I not only walked away with a great understanding and passion for Istanbul but also felt rejuvinated and excited to seek out the other places he had recommended that we didn't have time for in just my half day (restaurants, sights, craft/art cultural center- Caferaga Madressi, etc!) and to also return again one day and see Central Turkey, wine regions and along the coast! (I know I'll call him!)

I have ventured on a number of tours before and I enjoyed my experience so much that I know I will CERTAINLY return again, enjoy a great fish sandwich with him by the water, take some crazy pictures, talk with the locals, shop in the market, taste spices and teas and enjoy Istanbul again!

**sidenote: There was a review previously that indicated he didn't let them stop for a bathroom break or was on his phone...I think when you meet Soner you will find it hard that he was rude in any way and A) that NEVER happened in my tour (and I'm a female, I have stop alot! hah!) ....If he had to take a phone call or email he only did it when I was in the restroom (thats how we all contacted him initially, too...give it a break, it was maybe 2 minutes of the entire day! I didn't even notice) Soner frequently asked if we needed to stop, need water/coffee/etc or wanted to take pictures, etc. and B) We are all Adults! I can't believe someone was complaining about that...but if you have use the restroom, just ask! 🙂

Chicago, USA

Reviewed February 27, 2012

Carol L

Excellent Tour, would highly recommend Soner Tufan.

We booked a tour through Daily Istanbul Tours with Soner Tufan and were really satisfied. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He showed us the major sites and gave us such insight into the history via a walking tour. We had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant and in the afternoon he took us by car to see the old walls of the city and to a lookout point where we enjoyed a turkish coffee. The cost of the tour was 75 Euros per person, lunch included, (not coffee) which is the small group rate although it turned out my husband and myself were the only people that day. We also visited the underground cistern.

Toronto, Canada

Reviewed February 27, 2012

Susan W

See Istanbul with Soner. NOW.

What can I say? If you have one day to see Istanbul and you want to know everything there is to know about the major sites like the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Underground Cistern and more, see Istanbul with Soner.

I was in Istanbul for a day on a cruise stop, and booked a one day tour for 4 people with Soner. Best thing I could have done, thank you Trip Advisor! I am big on lists, so this is a short list on why you should use Soner on your next visit to Istanbul:

-- Knowledgeable...the man knows everything, and trust me, we were only four people, but we asked him everything. History, culture, restaurant recommendations...you name it. Soner has the answer!
-- Personable...honestly, I felt like I was visiting Turkey with my friend, who also happened to be an awesome tour guide. Soner is the man!
-- Tour at your own pace...Soner will go and do whatever you want to do. Don't want to do something, no problem! Think the Grand Bazaar is lame (it is!) -- no worries. Soner pulls out all the stops, to make the day enjoyable for you.
-- No lines!...Soner planned the day, so we hit all the big touristy spots when no one seemed to be there!...and for the places that had lines, Soner is a licensed guide, aka no waiting on long lines for tickets and access.

Tour with Soner, you will be happy you did. He was one of the first guides I used on this vacation, and he set the bar VERY HIGH. (He also gave us a great Ephesus guide who was excellent...see my other reviews!)


New York, NY

Reviewed February 21, 2012

Lori U

Fantastic Tour, well worth the time.

We just returned from Istanbul today and had a fabulous time. Great city. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, toured the city a bit by ourselves and had Soner's tour booked for Thursday. Timing was perfect. Soner was a fantastic host, saw the Roman Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and ended with the Grand Bazaar.

Soner's knowledge of history, Istanbul and Islam really accentuated each of the sites. We were booked with another family with twin 15 year olds, and they got along great with my 11 and 14 year olds. The kids learned so much about Islamic culture, the history of Asia Minor, the Sultans and the people in this part of the world. They had a great time doing it as well

The Palace was the highlight for me, but Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque were also extraordinary. I could have done without the Grand Bazaar, which may be the world's largest tourist trap. It was much more fun exploring the city streets and shops by foot for shopping and souvenirs. We bought plenty, but not a thing at the Bazaar.

Lunch was great, plenty of food, great hospitality and conversation.

We were picked up promptly at 9:10, exactly as promised, and finished back to the hotel shortly after six. Doing this tour early in our trip was key, as we were able to pick Soner's brain on a host of topics and questions we had.

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. Well Done Soner.

London, United Kingdom

Reviewed February 19, 2012

John F

Very entertaining and helpful

We spent almost 3 days with Soner in Istanbul. Besides the fantastic tours he took us to the hospital when my wife was not feeling well and stayed with us until we were done. I can't say enough good things about Soner. Book him and you won't regret it.


Reviewed February 16, 2012

Ben A

Perfect way to see old Istanbul!

Never written a review before, had to create an account just to review Soner's classic tour of old Istanbul. We tried walking around the previous day, and a combination of cold weather and abysmal navigational ability left us freezing and lost and hardly enjoying ourselves at all. The 8-hr tour with Soner could not have been a more different experience. It was effortless, educational, and the perfect way to visit such a history-filled place in a limited amount of time. We learned more about Turkish history and culture than we ever could have expected, and we want everyone to know what a helpful and knowledgeable guide Soner is. We highly recommend him.

Charlottesville, Virginia

Reviewed February 4, 2012

Cynthia C

The tour was amazing!!

Just got back from the classic istanbul tour with Soner, and have to say it was hands down the best tour I've ever been on. Soner was knowledgeable, accommodating, and well-prepared -- I recommend this tour to anyone planning a visit to Istanbul.

Verdun, Quebec, Canada

Reviewed February 3, 2012

Jean B

An awesome visit to an awesome city with an awesome tour guide.

Had a chance to break my journey for 26 hours at Istanbul last week - it was certainly a wise decision. Did contact Soner earlier and he was very professional and helpful in arranging one day trip to Istanbul. He picked me from my hotel close to the Ataturk airport and then took me to see several landmarks in the city. I found Soner to be very knowledgeable not just about the history of the city, but he also knew his way around - we took several short-cuts that saved valuable time. It was not possible to see everything in 6 hours that I had, but still were able to see The Hagia Sophia museum, The Blue Mosque, The Grand bazaar, The Underground Cistern, drove past the Spice market, Taksim, and went on top of this mountain that served the best Turkish coffee that I ever had. The day ended with us having dinner at this place that locals went to have kebobs - let me tell you it was the absolutely fantastic and tasty dinner that hit the spot.

Overall, I had a great time in this marvelous city and certainly would like to thank Soner for giving an amazing tour around the great city of Istanbul - I will be back with my family and would feel lucky to have Soner give us another fabulous guided tour.

I would like to highly recommend everyone to go visit this lovely city and do take Soner as a tour guide.

San Diego, California

Reviewed January 29, 2012

Ashvani S

Great tour that combined the history of Istanbul with its culture.

Highly recommend this tour! Soner is a great guide, who is an expert in the history of Istanbul and makes its history come alive with anecdotes across the centuries. Learned so much from this one day tour. Soner has a lot of energy, which is great for a small, intimate group tour. The small group tour is especially great for crowded sights like the Hagia Sophia. Coming from someone who doesn't particularly like tour groups, this is a wonderful tour!

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Reviewed January 18, 2012

Tricia O

Sonar is an excellent guide who has made our Istanbul trip very Memorable.

I visited Istanbul with my wife, son and parents. I searched around most of the Istanbul tours and im glad i chose Daily Istanbul Tour. This Tour is run by Mr Soner who is very pleasant, has very good knowledge of the city and its history and speaks very clear English. His colleague Mr Mehmet is also a pleasant gentleman who drove us around in his comfortable spacious 6 seater during the tour. I would highly recommend this as the number one tour if you wish to visit Istanbul. I shall summarise the reasons below:

- When we arrived at the airport we had Soners kind friend Mehmet waiting for us at the airport. It is very useful and i feel essential to prearrange this pick and drop prior to visiting Istanbul. They provide this service at an economical competitive price.

- We chose Istanbul historical tour but Soner is very flexible and can tailor the day according to preferences and needs. We were more interested in visiting Islamic places and Soner obliged by guiding us to really nice and memorable places which were not originally part of the tour. The lunch which was part of the tour was the best we had during our stay. We managed to see all the important attractions in Istanbul.

In summary, a good tour guide should have good knowledge of the places&attractions alongwith a nice pleasant flexible personality and im glad we chose his tour with Soner. I will strongly recommend him to my friends and relatives and also to anyone else reading this since im sure you will be writing a review too once you have been yourself.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Reviewed January 17, 2012

James T

100% excellent service.

Sent my mother away along with her friends to go on a tour around Istanbul with soner. They were absolutely delighted with his service and his lovely personality. Not only did he take them to the main attractions but he always told them the history on everything. Whoever is looking for a tour guide should definitely consider going with soner. He'll truly make you appreciate the beautiful city.

Thanks for making it a memorable holiday for them!

Connecticut, USA

Reviewed January 11, 2012

Nicole M

Knowledgeable, pleasant and very efficient.

My wife and I had the tour guide (Soner) to ourselves for one day and he gave us a very personalized walking and car tour. We visited the usual highlights of the old city of Istanbul and later he gave us a car ride to more distant sights. The guide, Soner, is a highly knowledgeable professional and it was a pleasure to see Istanbul with him. Would recommend him to others any day! Thanks for a wonderful guided tour!

Chicago, Illinois

Reviewed January 10, 2012

Tariq A

Ermine was fantastic

Soner, thank you for introducing us to Ermine. She was so lovely and incredibly knowledgeable and very kind to my mother and myself. Her tour definitely provided us with the best possible start to our wonderful time in Istanbul.

London, UK

Reviewed January 5, 2012

Anita M

Soner is a very knowledegable guide, and a gentleman.

We (husband, wife, 10 yo son ) had Soner to ourselves for a day tour. We hit the highlights and Soner was kind enough to add in the Basilica Cistern, too, since it was only our family on that day, after we had expressed interest. Soner was a very well-informed, solicitous and friendly guide and made for a pleasant and stimulating day hitting Topkai Palace, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and a tasty meatball lunch.

Atlanta, Georgia

Reviewed January 4, 2012

Michael J

Reliable, informative,fairly priced. Soner is a genuinly nice guy.

Reliable, informative,fairly priced. Soner is a genuinly nice guy.
Lunch, entry tickets, boat ride all included. Impecable small bus.

Austin, Texas

Reviewed January 4, 2012

Esther S

This is the tour to take for Istanbul!

Soner is an accomplished tour guide. No question was too difficult and everything was dealt with in a professional but friendly manner. Not only did i enjoy my tour but i opened a window into Turkey that i would sadly missed without Soner. Interesting, informative and fun! Thoroughly recommended.

Haddonfield, New Jersey

Reviewed December 28, 2011

Susan V

Great tour

Took the walking tour of Istanbul with guide Soner. The guide is very well informed, the weather was surprisingly good ( even in December). Covered blue mosque , Hagia sofia , Topkapi palace , hippodrome , and the grand bazaar. The guide knew some great spots for taking pictures. All in all a great experience.

San Diego, California

Reviewed December 27, 2011

Nikhil K

Excellent tour. Very knowledgeable guide.

We scheduled this tour based on the other TripAdvisor reviews and definitely were not disappointed. Soner was a very knowledgeable guide, pointing out many things we would have missed on our own. He also provided insight into Turkish culture and customs as well as the points of interest on the tour. Soner had the tickets for the sites purchased in advance, so there was no waiting in the lines. I highly recommend this tour for people who not only want to see the major sites, but also understand their significance and history. The tour was the best activity of our trip.

Brooklyn, New York

Reviewed December 8, 2011

Richelle S

Thankful that we booked a private istanbul tour with Soner.”

It was such a relief to have Soner as our tour guide. Our ship was late at port and he was waiting for us at the port with a sign with my name. My husband unfortunately was suffering from a painful eye condition and was in need of an Ophthalmologist. I asked Soner if he could take us to an eye doctor before we started the tour. Within about 10 minutes we were at a hospital and my husband was sitting with an Ophthalmologist. Soner was able to translate my husband’s symptoms to the doctor and she was able to fix my husband’s painful condition and we were soon off on our tour.

We had our 12 year old daughter and 13 year old son with us. Our daughter has been studying the region and the Hagia Sophia at school. He was very at ease with our kids. It was really nice to have such a knowledgable tour guide that would customize the tour to our schedule. Even though the cruise was late, and we had a detour to a hospital, we were able to see everything we wanted to see. Since we are not big shoppers we didn’t spend too much time at the Grand Bazaar.

I am really thankful that I had set up a private tour with Soner and his company. It made our visit to Istanbul much more memorable.

Laguna Beach, California

Reviewed December 7, 2011

Lisa B

Most friendly & professional excursion i've been on!

Took on an 8hr Istanbul tour with another couple. Soner, our tour guide - was extremely friendly and did a wonderful job explaining the histories behind each scenic site (without making it sound boring.) We were taking to the Pudding Shop for lunch - good place to get a glimpse on the local cuisine.

Mr Mehmet, our driver is awesome! We booked him the next day (as our ship docked at Istanbul for 1.5 days) as our driver to visit a local mall. Not only that he was a safe & punctual driver - he actually took the time to explain to us the places we've driven by as well.

Thanks Soner & Mehmet - you two have made our visit @ Istanbul very enjoyable! We will for sure re-visit this beautiful city again!

Toronto, Canada

Reviewed December 6, 2011

Kim P

Excellent detailed encounter with the great sites

Soner's knowledge of cultural and historical detail is encyclopedic.. He presents the information in a thoughtful, low-key, and somewhat understated way, and the guidance greatly enriched our understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the sites, far beyond what we could have experienced with a book or p're- recorded audio-tour. A great experience, that we would especially recommend at the beginning of a longer trip or as an ideal choice for the visitor who has only very brief time in Istanbul.

Denver, USA

Reviewed December 3, 2011

Bob D

You can't go wrong with Soner!

Soner is a very knowledgeable guide. He knew all the history of the places we visited in Istanbul. He is also considerate and kind. I was taken ill partways through the tour. I had breathing problems and had to go back to the ship. Soner found us a taxi, so considerate! He also had comfortable transportation in that busy city! We went to all the famous sites. Of course I missed a couple. I would hire Soner again to see what I missed. Thank you.

Marie & Ron Hosmer

Spring, Texas

Reviewed December 3, 2011

Marie H

It was great trip for me and my family.

It was very good trip and arrangement. The explanation is also clear and good english by mr abdullah. Only it was little bit in hurry to catch the boat. And it will be more better if you have special map about the road that we will taken for great understanding. But overally it was great........

Manama, Bahrain

Reviewed December 3, 2011

Nur P

Want to go back...

We visited Istanbul in November 2011. The Istanbul Classic Tour we took with our guide, Soner Tufan was excellent, it created memories for us and made me think "Wish I could go back..." Actually, we are planning a re-visit to Istanbul because 4 days were not enough and surely we will take up Soner for the other tours he offers (Two Continents, Bosphorus etc). Soner is a very friendly guy who know his business. The historical facts he presented during the tour were accurate and interesting. Not only did he present the historical facts and sights but he was willing to answer all our questions on everyday’s life in Istanbul. If you ask me, they money we spent on this tour were money well spent and we would do it all over again.

Athens, Greece

Reviewed December 2, 2011

Vassiliki T

A Fabulous Guide

We (there were two of us) had only a day and a half in Istanbul before boarding our Regent cruise ship. Through Trip Advisor we found Sonor - owner of Daily Istanbul Tours and - by e-mail - arranged for a full day tour. We had more fun, learned more about Turkey - both ancient history and present day customs, saw more than we thought possible without being rushed in any of the places - Sonor is truly remarkable. His knowledge of the history of Turkey is limitless and his love of his country is contagious. He somehow got us in everywhere without waiting in long lines - he never rushed us, he answered all of our questions and then expanded on the subject. We had not been with him for long when we asked if we could hire him for the next day! Unfortunately for us - he was already booked. We loved Turkey and would like to explore more of the country. We have already asked if he would be our guide when we return - not only in Istanbul but also Capadoccia. I give Sonor the highest possible recommendation.

Charlottesville, Virginia

Reviewed December 1, 2011

Stephanie D

Very enjoyable and informative day.

We felt like we were in such great hands with Soner and the tour. Every detail was accounted for, from pick up/drop off at the hotel, to entry into each site, the group lunch and being educated with the historical significance of Istanbul's wonders. Love the size of the group (9 max) that made the tour feel very personalized and intimate--and not cumbersome like some where you are held back by such large numbers.I especially appreciated the access into places without waiting in lines...that alone made the whole tour worth it!

In all, i think the price is so reasonable when you factor in the transportation, lunch and tickets to each attraction. It makes for such an enjoyable day where you can focus on nothing other than soaking in the sites! Soner takes care of the rest!

New York City, USA

Reviewed December 1, 2011

Maureen H

Enjoyable tour, but likely a luxury for most.

Took the tour(private) in late November with Soner as our guide. There is no doubt about his knowledge and it is very nice to have somebody there that can move you from location to location and move easily through the entrances. Soner took us to a nice lunch a short drive away from the old city. Food was great. The tour lasted about 8 hours with the last part simply being a walk to the Grand Bazaar for an hour visit on our own and then a ride home to the hotel. I do think that without Soner, we would have seen all of the attractions, but not as efficiently. It is also nice to have a guide with you to fend off all of the "friendly" locals that want to give you a tour and then try to sell you a rug afterward. Having someone there that knows the language is always helpful.

What this tour provides is quickness and some unique facts. The bookstore guide book can give you the rest. If you would like someone to do the planning for you, Soner can give a great amount of information. He pays for all of your entrances and food/drinks, but I would guess that half of the fee covers that. So, you will have to determine if the difference that you pay is worth the ease of being guided (hence, the "luxury" part of the title). For us, it was probably worth it for the adults, but our two children (10,12) likely didn't get as much value (though I must stress that they really enjoyed Soner). There is a discount for children younger than ours, but I do believe that a discount for our kids would have been appropriate as well especially given that they got into the attractions at a reduced rate or free.

If you have three or less days, consider using a tour guide. Without one, you might struggle to see all that you would like. Soner, is flexible in his tour design. If there are one or more attractions you would rather do on your own, he can take you somewhere else.

London, United Kingdom

Reviewed December 1, 2011

Greg D

Best way to see sights

Definitely worth it if very short time in istanbul, guide Soner was most informative and helpful, we saw the best of Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque with him...


Reviewed November 30, 2011

Marguerite G

Very good tour guide for first time visitor to Istanbul

My husband and I arrived in Istanbul on November 12, 2011 and went on a tour with guide Sonar who happened to be a knowledgeable guide. It's an enjoyable trip except for the weather, which was a bit cold and rainy. But other than that, great memories of this exotic place. The explanations from Sonar certainly helped a lot in understanding more about the city.

Hong Kong, China

Reviewed November 30, 2011

Michelle C

Great Tour at great price

Sonner was just great, he answered all our questions, was personable and knowledgeable. I was impressed with his saying that he was not familiar enough with the answer to a questions posed by another customer. He could have just spouted some BS but was honest about this gap in his knowledge. Actually, I think the question was referring to construction of the dome we were viewing and was rather esoteric and obscure unless you were an architect/engineer. Sonner was also prompt and professional. I would jokingly fault him for taking us to a rug wholesaler (not retailer which would have been many times more expensive) whose display room is in a out of the way basement. The result was an unanticipated purchase of a carpet. Of course we love the carpet but we wonder if we would have bought it if we didn't get to see that bargain in the first place! Would heartily recommend Sonner to anyone wanting to see Istanbul. We paid less and saw more than if we went on the cruise excursion that was the other option for us.

Mill Valley, California

Reviewed November 29, 2011

Scott D

Very educational and fun!

We booked two rather last minute tours via e-mail with Daily Istanbul Tours. Due to other commitments, travel and flight delays, our plans were somewhat last minute, but we were accommodated with no problems. We had two tours with Emine, who was charming, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. All registered Turkish guides have to go through rigorous training and testing, and she definitely knew her stuff! Our first day in Istanbul, we booked the "Classic" tour to get the lay of the land, and we saw all the sights, as advertised. The tours allow you to bypass the lines, although the crowds were modest in November. We had a private tour, since late November isn't a popular time to visit Istanbul and there weren't any group tours available. The tour was great - paced for us and our questions & interests, and we learned a lot! We were asked if we wanted the carpet demonstration, and since we weren't really interested in buying one, we were glad to skip that part. It was nice to be asked and have the tour tailored to what we wanted.

The second tour was a half day tour to the Asian side - included the Beylerbeyi Palace and Çamlıca Hill - we were there early on a Sunday morning, and everything was deserted. If you want to avoid the crowds, this is the time to do it!! We were the only people in the palace the whole time we were there, so we could take our time walking through. We made one last stop at the Spice Market, which was interesting, since we had been there, but Emine pointed out many of the historical aspects that we had missed. I think this really is the value in these tours - you can see all these sights on your own, but in order to really understand them, you need a local to help give you the historical context.


Canandaigua, New York

Reviewed November 29, 2011

Elizabeth H

Soner brought Istanbul to us

Soner from Daily Istanbul Tours measured up to all previous reviews. We requested him as our time in Istanbul was short so we wanted to take in as much as possible. His knowledge of the history is amazing- I loved the details e.g. the significance of chains hanging over the entrance of the Blue Mosque courtyard ( forces horse riders to bow upon entry to their sacred place of worship. And the significance of the ostrich eggs at the top of the lights that hang from the soaring ceilings ( I won't tell you if you don't know- you'll have to hire Soner to find out. Soner has a good disposition and is upbeat and also pragmatic about the politics-well informed from most angles. It's a good idea to do some reading before you go so you get the most out of everything that there is to learn. So many layers of history- overwhelming if you know nothing. He also made us feel appreciated as we had a good sense of the important historical times and personalities. This allowed him to maximize the depth of his knowledge during the tour.

We ate at the Pudding restaurant- typical lunch place (included) and he ordered the typical meal for us with meze. He introduced us to a carpet seller- not a storefront and we did succumb but love our piece of artwork that is now in our home.

We are physically active so we were able to take in a lot. Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, cistern, spice market, grand market. He was also able to advise us what a good price to pay for our purchases were.

So don't hesitate to hire Soner. He met us at our hotel- on time. We were going for the small group tour but the other people stood him up, so we had him to ourselves at the group rate. Organize it early- he gets booked. We did have some trouble paying ahead- so we just paid at the time. You will love Istanbul!

Guelph, Canada

Reviewed November 29, 2011

Bob G

Fantastic and Professional - Definite 5 Stars

Well, if you have read all of the other reviews on TA, then this one cannot add much. Soner responded to my inquiries via EMAIL promptly. He was not able to do our tour has he was already booked. He arranged another guide, Emine, who was fantastic. Our cruise ship was late, but Emine met us promptly anyway. The tour provided everything we wanted, including some special requests such as skipping lunch and shortening the shopping. Emine spoke flawless English was extremely knowledgable about the history of Turkey, giving us more information than we could digest. We saw all of the sites desired including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace. There was a carpet sales demonstration also, but this was educational too. No high pressure sales! Finally, Emine took us to the Grand Bazaar and was very helpful to us in finding some gifts, again, no high pressure.

New visitors should note that the Topkapi Palace has no furniture, only buildings, and was described, accurately, by our guide as "a modest palace", especially if you have visited other capital palaces in other countries (e.g. Beijing or St. Petersburg). The Treasury section included many beautiful items which featured mostly gigantic emeralds. We also chose to visit the Harem section, but this required an additional entry fee.

As we were visiting in the late Autumn, there were no huge crowds, and we had essentially no wait to enter any of the museums. However, not even a great tour guide could overcome the Istanbul traffic, and it took us almost an hour to return from the Grand Bazaar to the cruise port as we were caught in the rush hour (due to late ship arrival) of locals trying to get over the Bosphorus bridge to the Asian side. We did, however, make our ship.

Overall, could not have been more satisfied. Price was quite fair given that it was a private tour. Definite 5 - Stars.

Tour required mild walking and some stairs, definitely not wheelchair accessible.

Irvington, New York

Reviewed November 28, 2011

James C

Great tour of Instanbul

Soner met us just outside the dockside customs house at the agreed on time and whisked us off to the Blue Mosk. Soner spent 8 hours with us and not only did he show us some of Instanbul's most amazing sites, he gave us a great history lesson at the same time. Our group of four had an incredible day complete with an amazing lunch at the Pudding Cafe. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and have no hesitation recommending Daily Instanbul Tours to anyone visiting this incredible city. Thanks again Soner. Robert & Sonja

Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

Reviewed November 5, 2011

Robert T

Istanbul Main Attractions Walking Tour

Mr Sinan met us as arranged by our ship and there were only 5 in our party. Almost new minibus to the start of our walk, near the Blue Mosque. His english was excellent and he told us lots of information about the places that we visited at a gentle pace. An excellent day out with lunch included.

Preston, United Kingdom

Reviewed November 3, 2011

Gary T

If you only have a short time in Istanbul, this could be the tour for you

Daily Istanbul tours

We had limited time in Istanbul whilst on a cruise so we decided on a full day Istanbul Highlights tour with Soner. We covered all the major sights in one day and it was a very good introduction to the city. Soner was an excellent guide, his mini bus was clean and comfortable and the tour included all admission fees and a very substantial lunch so was very good value.

We enjoyed our day in this fascinating city and hope to return someday and spend more time in Istanbul.

Skegness, UK

Reviewed October 29, 2011

Dan L

An awesome tour

We were punctually picked up from the hotel by our guide Mr Soner Tufan and toured the Blue Mosque, Hagi Sofie, Cistern Chapel and Topkapi Palace.These sites are a must and are awesome. From the first minute we were pleasantly surprised by Soner's friendliness and his knowledge of the history of all the sites.Not only did he make it interesting but he allowed us to live through the history itself. We were taken to a restaurant for lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed. The trip to the Grand Bazzar with him was also excellent as he was able to guide us to buy what we wanted and at the right price.At no point did he impose himself on us but simply took at our own pace to see and do what we wanted.

At our request he also took us to a shop were we bought some beautiful ceramic plates and cushions. All in all it was a fantastic tour which lasted over eight hours but was enjoyable every minute. I highly recommend booking a tour with him as it is worth every dollar. We feel that we have gained a new friend in Soner and cannot thank him enough for his hospitality.


Reviewed October 27, 2011

John C

Professional and helpful from the start

We were a group of 7 arriving by cruise ship all with different expectations of Istanbul. I contacted Soner and with his help arranged a unique experience in Istanbul. We set our own itinerary and he and his driver and a guide met us at the ship and we set off for a day that met all our requests. We saw all the sites that the first timers wanted and then the areas the returning visitors were interested in. They kept us on schedule without ever rushing us and managed to fit in a great local lunch. Our guide and driver were informed and fun and even managed to save a few minutes for the utlimate Turkish pastime - shopping. A great day from start to finish at much better prices than the cruise ship offered!


 Reviewed October 23, 2011

Debbie J

A Wonderful day with Soner in Istanbul

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Soner for such a great tour of Istanbul. Soner is a knowledgable and personable young man who holds a four year university degree in tour guiding...and he really knows the city of Istanbul. There were four of us who arrived by cruise ship and Soner was waitiing for us when we disembarked...then off we went...to the Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi, Hagia Sopia, the underground cistern (really cool) and the Grand Bazaar - with a stop for lunch at a restaurant which is also listed in Rick Steves' Istanbul guidebook and was very good. We were exhausted when Soner returned us to the ship but so glad to have been able to see as much as we did in the time we had.

For those people who may plan to see the city on their own...fyi...the lines of people waiting to get into the various "attractions" were very long and the traffic was horrifying...Soner, as a tour guide, got our tickets quickly and took us into places ahead of all those still waiting to buy their tickets. he also knew how to get around - whether to ride or if it was quicker, to walk. He gave us time in the Grand Bazaar by ourselves to wander around but volunteered to come with us if we had wanted him to.

So, as you can tell, we were very satisfied with Soner and Daily Istanbul Tours and would highly recommend his services. Thank you, again, Soner!

DeLand, Florida

Reviewed October 18, 2011

Peggy W

Soner is the perfect guide!

We, a group of 9 travelling through Europe for several weeks, selected Soner as our guide in Instanbul. We could not have been more pleased. Several of us had been to Istanbul before, and we knew exactly what we wanted to revisit on our tour. Soner had things timed perfectly,( we were able to stay ahead of the tour buses!), and his knowledge of the sites was impressive. I had asked that he make a reservation at the Hamdi restaurant for us, which he did. Appetizers were already on the table as we arrived, which saved us some time. The vehicle that we travelled in was a late model Mercedes, in pristine condition.

We could not have been more pleased with Soner or our time in Istanbul.

Norwich, United Kingdom

Reviewed October 16, 2011

Carol V

Great Tour of Istanbul

Eight friends took a tour of the sights of Istanbul with Daily Istanbul Tours. We had a wonderful guide, Emine, who was professional, friendly, knowledgeable and informative. We would highly recommend this company for any tour of this beautiful city.

Toronto, Canada

Reviewed October 15, 2011

John S

Trip Advisor Review Isn't Wrong - Soner Was Great

After looking at Trip Advisor reviews and wanting to get the most out of our limited time in Instanbul, we chose Daily Istanbul Tours and were lucky enough to have Soner as our guide.. He arrived at our hotel promptly and had all of the tickets we needed. This is the way to go - no standing in line! We went to Blue Mosque, Topaki Palace, Hagia Sophia and Grand Bazaar.

I highly recommend Soner and Daily Istanbul Tours.

Houston, TX

Reviewed October 11, 2011

Kim W

Superb, great value tour with Daily Instanbul Tours.

Contacted Mr Somner by email only three days before leaving on cruise. He had space, but with Mr Abdullah as the guide. Small problem (see tips below), met at terminal entrance, taken by limo with another couple to first attraction. Thereafter Mr Abdullah was superb, his knowledge, English and enthusiasm were infectious. Had a great tour, he seemed to have the "ability" to by-pass queues and spent all the time we required at various attractions.

The value compared with Royal Caribbean's "official" tour was excellent. 75 euros versus $139, plus we had lunch included, and we were four against 20+ in the party. Long day of around 81/2 hours. Tip, ensure you take email reply from company with you with its telephone number thereon, our ship changed terminal arrival overnight and Mr Abdullah was waiting at original. A phone call, made by a very helpful taxi driver sorted this out quickly.

Melbourne Beach, Florida, United States

Reviewed October 11, 2011

Paul M

Soner was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

My husband and I decided to go to Istanbul for a couple of days while in Athens. We took the Classic Istanbul private tour with Soner. As soon as I contacted him by email to reserve the tour, he responded quickly. We really enjoyed the tour. Soner explained the history of every place we visited, he gave us very interesting facts about the country and answered our questions. He indicated the best spots to take great pictures and with him as our private guide we did not have to stand in line to access the places. The place he recommended for lunch was delicious and inexpensive. I don't have any complaints about our tour so I definitely recommend it.

Istanbul is beautiful and this is a great tour to make your experience unforgettable.

Atlanta, Georgia

Reviewed October 1, 2011

Nancy W

Very informative.

Our group of 20 friends were on a 12 day Mediterranean Cruise and one of the port-of-calls was Istanbul. Since we were docked there overnight we were able to take both the half day "Bosphorus Cruise" and the full day "Istanbul Classic" tours. Both tours were excellent and we saw and learned so much about the beauty and history of Istanbul. Our guide Abudullah was very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English as well. His use of a laser pointer helped pin point many details and other points of interest inside the Hagia Sophia. This was something I did not see from the other tour guides during this tour. If you are ever in Istanbul I would truly recommend these tours.

Alameda, California

Reviewed September 27, 2011

Allen D

Great tour and guide in Instanbul

Thanks, Soner for giving us a wonderful introduction to your lovely city of Istanbul. We, along with our friends Dale & Diana had never been to Turkey before and were blown away with the beauty and cleanliness of your city. You showed us the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar all in one day. Your knowledge and presentation really made the day a grand success! Thanks again. We certainly would recommend your services to anyone!

Tom and Ann Herrera

Surprise, Arizona

Reviewed September 27, 2011

Tom H


My wife and I spent a wonderful day with Mr Abdullah we saw the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace, the Cisterns (Hajia Sofia was closed), the Grand Bazaar...and so much more ....lunched at the Pudding Shop. Our group was small (6 of us) and I believe we all enjoyed the day. Thanks to both Daily Istanbul Tours and Mr Abdullah for our great introduction to the sights of this great city

Midland, Texas

Reviewed September 25, 2011

Charlie A

A great way to see Istanbul

We booked a day long tour with Soner at Daily Istanbul Tours as time was limited and we wanted a more persoanl experience that the cruise ship had to offer. We met at the dock and joined 8 other people for a tour of Istanbul. Our guide, Emine, was absolutely wonderful. She was extremely knowledgable and took us on a tour of most of the highlights of Istanbul. Due to the small group we were able to avoid a lot of the crowding as she knew which attractions to visit first.

During the tour we stopped for lunch at the "Pudding Shop", we had some great food, I would highly recommend trying it if you get the chance. The cost for the tour was very reasonable and I would definately use this company again.

Belchertown, Massachusetts

Reviewed September 24, 2011

Linda M

Soner Tufan Truly Made Our Visit To Istanbul Something Special!

I would like to add my voice to the many that have come before me in stating what a truly outstanding guide Soner Tufan is. My wife and i spent two days with him...the first day on a tour that covered primarily the Asian side of Istanbul, and a second day, joined by two other friendly couples, visiting the many wonderful sites found in the Old City of the European side of Istanbul. Soner is always friendly, personable, informal in tone, and highly responsive to a wide range of questions.

So well informed is he on all conceivable subject matter relative to Istanbul and Turkey that I recall thinking that if I'm capable of retaining even 10% of everything that he explained to us that I will be infinitely smarter than before I met him. Yes...we probably would have seen many of the sights that we saw with Soner without him...but they would have lacked context, meaning, and significance. That I come away from Istanbul thinking of it as an exciting, beautiful, and dynamic city that none should miss is due in large part to my two days with Soner.

New York, USA

Reviewed September 23, 2011

Michael T

Istanbul City Tours was great!

Soner was fantastic. We found him on Trip Advisor and went with his company. He arrived promptly at 9AM and had all tickets as needed. We had seen the day before, the Cistern, Spice Bazaar, Archaeology Museum, Hippodrome and Burned Column. He took us to Blue Mosque, Topaki Palace, lunch at the Pudding Shop. I had baked chicken, meze, vegetables, bread, and Epes Beer, a must try. We then went to the Hagia Sophia, and Grand Bazaar. Leaving us there with particular shopping advise. Well founded!

Soner also arranged for a 6 passenger van to Pick us up and drop us off at Ataturk Airport. A must for three couples. The driver was waiting outside customs with a sign. He was safe, courteous and on our day of departure prompt. I highly recommend Soner and Daily Istanbul Tours

San Antonio, Texas

Reviewed September 21, 2011 

Terry G

Best Tour Guide in Istanbul

I booked a 2 day tour with dailyistanbultours.com based off the reviews on TripAdvisor. We could not have been more pleased with our time spent in Istanbul with Soner as our guide. He is a great ambassador for Istanbul. He speaks English very well (sorry he had to spend a few months in South Dakota). He is extremely knowledgeable about the city and country. He will answer all your questions and provide the history behind the sites. I only wish we could have spent more time in Istanbul to see other sites- it is a fascinating city, unlike anywhere we've visited before.

He met us at our hotel - on time. We did not have to wait in long lines, he was patient and we were not rushed. He took the time to explain in detail what we visiting and seeing. He took us to excellent restaurants for lunch and was genuinely interested in ensuring everyone was satisfied on the tour. He only does small tours - no more than 8 people. Book him early if you're headed to Istanbul.

We've taken numerous small group tours throughout Europe - I can easily say Soner is one of the best guides we've ever had !

Atlanta, USA

Reviewed September 21, 2011

Irena C

Great Private Excursion Sept. 7th.

After finding Soner on tripadvisor we decided to take a chance on him. Needless to say, he lived upto the reviews. I would go back to Istanbul again and do more sight seeing with him. He was on time, had tickets for the sights which we just bought from him.

Ontario, Canada

Reviewed September 19, 2011

Daniel K

A fascinating history class within a guided tour.

At first, my wife and I were kind of worried to book a tour not through our travel agency but Tripadvisor reviews couldn't be more right! If you want to have a really interesting tour with an excellent local guide, Soner Tufan is your choice. Soner's insightful and fascinating commentaries about Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia and Topkaki Palace are a history class on the spot. And there's a bonus, at some places we didn't have to face the long lines.

He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, he doesn't smoke (at least during the almost 7 hours that we spent together) and speaks great English. Another thing is that he adapts to your rhythm. If you want to spend more or less time in a place, you can stick to your pace.

We strongly recommend Daily Istanbul Tours!

Sao Paulo, SP

Reviewed September 14, 2011

Fabio S

Great Tour. Friendly, Knowledgeable Guide.

We did the half day Byzantine Relics tour with Soner. We booked quite far in advance (several months), which we would recommend since he already had days booked up. We really enjoyed the tour. Soner was able to tell us a lot about the city, its history and the sites we visited (Hippodrome, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia), and we definitely got more out of the experience than if we had gone on our own. We'd highly recommend choosing him as a tour guide.

Virginia, USA

Reviewed September 5, 2011

Fiona S

Soner was fantastic!

I just came back from a week in Istanbul and one of the many highlights of my trip was meeting Soner of Daily Istanbul Tours. I had booked him for a private tour and he was great. He picked me up at my hotel and took me for a day filled with facts about everything from history to shopping. I really enjoyed spending the day with him. After eight hrs. I felt likeI had spent a day with a friend who just happened to know everything about his great city. This tour is well worth the money. Book early because word is out that Soner is the best.

New York, USA

Reviewed August 28, 2011

Jose A

Soner Tufan - Great guide for newcomers to Istanbul

There is no better way to see a new sity than with someone who lives there. We chose Soner Tufan (www.dailyistanbultours.com) strictly based on reviews and happy to report that he is truely as good as it gets. He met us promptly at the port and drove us to all the places we wanted for 10 hours. With him, we bypassed all lineups of large groups, got a great education in history and architecture, and enjoyed a good lunch based on our preference. He was our guide, interpreter, negotiator, driver, currency exchanger, and a companion. He was so patient with all our questions and flexible to take us to points of our interest. I would gladly engage hime again. Cost for the day was appriximately 350 euroes for his service (guide, car, parking and tolls).

Ottawa, Canada

Reviewed August 23, 2011

Dave H

The best way to see Istanbul

We spent a wonderful day with Mr Abdullah, touring his beloved Istanbul. He seems to know everybody in the city. We saw the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hajia Sofia, the Cisterns (Topkapi palace was closed), the Grand Bazaar...and so much more ....lunched at the Pudding Shop. Our group was small (4 of us) and we enjoyed the other couple we toured with. Mr Abdullah is doing what he loves...and it shows.

Riverside, Illinois

Reviewed August 23, 2011

Esther L


Soner is really good, his english is great he knows his stuff and get him to help you to buy things at the shops he will get you a good price.

Valencia, Spain

Reviewed August 21, 2011

Federico I

Insightful and entertaining

It's always fascinating to get "under the skin" of a city -- especially one with a storied history like Istanbul. Daily Istanbul Tours helps you do just that. This is not a tour with a bored tour guide reciting dry historical facts.

We visited the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern (the Topkapi Palace was closed as it was Tuesday), Hagia Sophia and finished up at the Grand Bazaar. Our guide Abdullah was great, providing fascinating, entertaining and insightful commentary at each of these landmarks. And to top it off, we were able to avoid the lengthy queues at the Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern!

Lunch is included as are admission tickets.

Wear comfortable shoes as this is a full-day walking tour, and be prepared for a great experience.

London, United Kingdom

Reviewed August 19, 2011 

Michelle N

Best tour I've ever been on!

My friend and I did a private tour through Daily Istanbul Tours. Our tour guide was Soner, who was very prompt at returning our e-mails. He met us at our hotel and took us on an amazing day wandering through the ancient city of Istanbul. We started at the Blue Mosque which was beautiful. Soner then patiently explained all the ancient curiosities associated in the area of the Hippodrome. We next visited the Hagia Sophia, the Underground Cistern (in place of Topkapi Palace as it was a Tuesday) and the Grand Bazaar. Soner was kind enough to take us to a fantastic vantage point to look out over the Golden Horn and Istanbul. He also took us for a quick look at the Spice Bazaar which was spectacular.

Soner speaks excellent English and is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend his tours, especially if you only have a short amount of time in Istanbul.

Sydney, Australia

Reviewed August 15, 2011

Alicia F

A most enjoyable visit to Istanbul

There is a reason why Daily Instanbul Tours stands as #1 in the TripAdvisor tour reviews.

Prior to our arrival in Instanbul as a port of call on our cruise we made arrangements by email with Daily Instanbul Tours' Soner to book an evening Bosphorus cruise and an Istanbul Classic Tour for the following day. Soner was prompt with his replies and also thorough in his messages, which gave us confidence in arranging this private excursion (and not with the cruise line).

There were nine of us and our guide was Mr. Abdullah, a fantastic and friendly guide who made our visit most enjoyable. He met us at the port on time and warmly welcomed us to the city. As other reviewers already mentioned, Abdullah is very knowledgeable and shared with us information that enhanced our tour at the various must-see sites.

We were also impressed by the value of the packages DIT offered -- all entrance fees were indeed included, as was lunch on the Classic Tour. We did not have to queue to get into the attractions with many other tourists, a bonus given our tight schedule to see as much as possible before returning to our ship. The minibus in which we traveled was also clean, spacious and visibly new. Our driver was great too.

Our thumbs are way up for Daily Istanbul Tours and especially for Abdullah - thanks for a great time and wonderful memories!


Reviewed August 12, 2011

Gregory S

One Great Afternoon in Istanbul

We we only going to have 1 afternoon in Istanbul & wanted to see "highlights"...The Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque & the Grand Bazaar. Contacting Soner at Daily Istanbul Tours made it possible! From meeting us at the airport to dropping us off at our hotel in the early evening, he was friendly, reliable, & organized. He shared a great deal of interesting information as we toured each site, & was also open to questions we might have. Istanbul is beautiful & we hope to return some day.

New York, USA

Reviewed August 12, 2011

Beth A

Soner is the best guide ever!!!

Soner was our guide during our 1-day visit to Istanbul. We had very limited time since we were on a cruise and thanks to Soner we could visit the most important monuments in the city. His explanations were accurate and direct. He even took us to lunch. My husband and I had the feeling that a friend was showing us his city!!!.. I recommend Soner 100%. He made our visit to Istanbul unforgettable!!!


Reviewed August 9, 2011

Ornella C

Very Knowledgeable Guide with a Great Personality!

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Mr. Abdullah! We didn't realize that your guides are licensed with the the Turkish Government and have to pass strict requirements in history, archeology, and religions. He also answered our questions on modern Turkish culture. It was fascinating to discover how modern structural engineering practices used today evolved from ancient times in the construction of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. We were able to recruit 4 additional people from our cruise that lowered our price for the tour. It was much more personal that a ship excursion. This agency recommended a tour guide in Ephesus, who was also excellent.

Stevensville, Michigan

Reviewed August 3, 2011

Erica B

A super tour with Soner

Soner met us promptly at our hotel and took us on a memorable tour of the amazing city of Istanbul. He explained with such knowledge the many wonders of one of the world's most historic cities. We visited the Topkapi palace, Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, and many other local places such as the fish markets, and pointed out great restaurants we tried later on in our stay. Soner is very knowledgable and has lots of interesting facts and information about each place visited. He managed to bypass the long queues , and organised a lovely lunch for us on the way.This was a great way to learn about all the sights of Istanbul. Thanks, Soner!

Sydney, Australia

Reviewed July 26, 2011

Judi R

Informative and friendly

Sonar was an excellent personal guide to the Istanbul... he was prompt picking us up from our hotel and took us around to all the must see locations of Istanbul plus the ones that only locals would know about!! We had a fantastic day with him and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great tour of this great city!

Toronto, Canada

Reviewed July 25, 2011

Ahmed H

Is there anything or anyone Abdullah doesn't know?

Booked the Istanbul Classic tour and the Two Continents tour in advance and Sonar's help and quick reponse to emails inspired confidence. We had Abdullah as our guide - non-stop entertainment and an amazing grasp of the history of the sites we visited. He was helpful and considerate. When our cruise on the Bosphorus couldn't go ahead in the morning because of a race he re-organised the whole day so that we missed nothing. When groups of 20 or 30 tourists being rushed through the famous sites passed us, we were so glad to be a small group with a guide who was proud of his city and its people. These two tours made up probably one of the best city experiences my wife and I and our friends have had.

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Reviewed July 22, 2011

Joann D

Super Soner

A wonderful tour of one of the worlds most historic cities with a super guide. We were on a cruise visiting Istanbul. Soner met us at cruise terminal exit at the arranged time and was very friendly. We visited the Topkapi palace, Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern and the Grand Bazaar and many other places of intererest in between. Soner is very knowledgable and has lots of interesting facts and information about each place visited. I do not know how Soner managed to bypass the long queues - but we never had to wait for any more than a few minutes. This was a brilliant way to see and learn about all the sights in a short time (6-7 hours). Thanks for the tour Soner.

Belfast, United Kingdom

Reviewed July 21, 2011

Nancy G

With Soner Tufan as your guide, your trip to Istanbul will be extra-special!!

We had only a day in Istanbul, so for a quick "highlights" we thought it would be a good idea to have a guide rather than struggle with maps and guidebooks. Soner was everything we might have hoped for -- prompt, pleasant, helpful, fluent in English and extraordinarily well informed and knowledgeable. He took for a very full day of sightseeing and never seemed rushed, just very enthusiastic about making sure we saw everything possible. Soner was guiding another couple as well, and that even turned out to be a plus as their questions complemented ours.

Manhattan, USA

Reviewed July 21, 2011

Robert L

Mr. Abdullah was AWESOME!!

We were delighted to have Mr. Abdullah as our tour guide. His English was perfect. He was extremely friendly and approachable. In addition, he had a tremendous wealth of knowledge to share about the people, culture and sights we visited. Thank you so much for making our tour such a wonderful experience!


Eliot Meyers

Cincinnati, Ohio

Reviewed July 21, 2011

Eliot M

Highly Recommended

When we travel around the world our preference has always to get a personal guide in a new city. We were travelling with our young 3 boys. Soner proved to be an excellent guide. We did an excellent 7 hour walking tour of the old city on one day, and did a cruise and car ride on the 2nd. We can highly recommend Soner as he brings to life the old city.

Sydney, Australia

Reviewed July 20, 2011

Larry D

Soner's Daily Istanbul Tours was one of the highlights of our month in Turkey.

We had a full days tour of Istanbul with Soner on our second day in Turkey. What an amazing introduction to the Turkish people, history and culture ! Soner is a very accomplished guide who shares his knowledge and personal perspective in a way that inspires you to learn more about this magnificent city and to immerse yourself in the wonders of Turkey.

Perth, Australia

Reviewed July 19, 2011

David R

This is the only way to see Istanbul

My wife and i had the fortune to have Soner Tufan as our tour guide for 3 amazing days in Istanbul. Soner is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his city. We crammed a tremendous amount of touring into 3 very full days ranging from antiquities to modern; the Bosporus to towering views on both the Asian and European sides. We visited Mosques; churches; palaces and Government buildings. While we did a lot of walking Soner was also able to maneuver the car into a lot of great areas.

Biggest hint – when you go to lunch – order what Soner does. We had an amazing variety of food and it was all great.

Whether you’re in Istanbul for a few hours on a cruise or there as we were for a few days, Soner’s group is a wonderful resource.

Stamford, Connecticut

Reviewed July 17, 2011

Mark N

Great Istanbul Tour with Mr. Abdullah

We visited Istanbul during a Princess Med cruise. We wanted to tour just as a family (my wife, two sons, 17&15, and myself). Because of reviews on tripadvisor  I went with Daily Istanbul Tours. However due to my procrastination, the first 2 guides that were offered were booked by the time I responded (so book early). So Soner suggested Mr. Abdullah. Thought we were going with the third string, but can't believe we could have gotten anyone better. Incredibly friendly and likable, and profoundly knowledgeable about the sites. Lots of sites say they are "skip the line", but Abdullah seemed to know everybody in Istanbul....the ticket agents, the guards, the maintenance people, it was amazing. Not only did we skip the lines, we even skipped lines of other people who were skipping the lines! Also to save time he ordered food for us (that was included) at a local eatery in advance. Had my worries, since my oldest is very picky, unless it's chicken fingers, but he, as well as the rest of us, loved it. Great tour, and kept my sons enthralled with his stories, which is not easy to do with today's electronic distractions. Thanks again Abdullah.

P.S. My kids are still trying to nail down your accent...part local, part British, part German, and part something else. Once again it was fun...hope to see you again on our next trip to Istanbul

Martinsville, Virginia

Reviewed July 14, 2011

Maurine M.

Soner is a fantastic tour guide

Soner was by far the best tour guide we have worked with.He is extremely knowledgeable, accomodating, and very personable. You will enjoy your time with him.

San Francisco, California

Reviewed July 8, 2011

Gail B

Fantastic tour of Incredible Istanbul!

Based on Tripadvisor reviews I booked Soner for a tour of Istanbul during our short stay there as my family of four wanted to maximize our time in this beautiful city. We were not disappointed with Soner as our guide! Since our hotel was located on the Asian side, we took the short boat ride across the Bosphorus via our hotel launch and Soner was waiting for us on the other side at the appointed time as we stepped off the boat. We liked his friendly personality immediately and he made us feel very comfortable throughout. He speaks excellent English and is extremely knowledgeable, not only in affairs of his country and in all the tourist attractions we visited, but in political and other non-tourist issues as well so he was very easy to talk to about almost anything! He was able to answer all of our questions, customized the tour to suit our needs, and even extended the tour well past his usual work day to accommodate us.

He took us to a beautiful rooftop restaurant for lunch that overlooked the city and had gorgeous views of the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. My husband wanted to purchase a Turkish carpet and Soner took us to a wholesaler where he translated and helped us bargain with the store owner so that we got a great price for our chosen rug!

We were delayed at the Grand Bazaar and almost missed our launch that was scheduled to take us back to our hotel. Soner took it upon himself to call our hotel to let them know we were running late and arranged for them to contact the boat captain to ask him to wait for us which he did. Needless to say, we had a packed day touring this great city and it was made much more enjoyable because of Soner. I would highly recommend his services to anyone visiting this fantastic city. We hope to be back!

Toronto, Canada

Reviewed July 6, 2011

Jenny A

Amazing Tour Of The Real Istanbul

Soner provided the best tour full of insights & information that made the rich history & culture come to life. Take this tour, you will be glad you did!

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Reviewed July 2, 2011

Jeannie S

Fabulous tour and guide with Daily Istanbul Tours

Daily Istanbul Tour guide Ali met us at the cruise ship and the four of us, with wheelchair, had a fabulous day in Istanbul. Our guide was so knowledgeable and passionate about his country with a great sense of humour, that it made our tour outstanding. Would love to have him again! Sheila Burman and family

Ancaster, Canada

Reviewed June 24, 2011

Sheila B

Having Soner as our guide enabled us to customize our tour and go at our own pace.

Soner was the perfect guide for us. We had been to Istanbul before and wanted to see only certain sites again, He is very efficient and is able to bypass long lines. He brings to life the beautiful history of each site. We wanted to have lunch at a non-tourist spot and he took us to a neighborhood restaurant with amazing local food. His vehicle is a new model and he does not smoke so the car is odor free. You will not be disappointed in choosing Soner for your guide.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Reviewed June 23, 2011

Eugene N

Fun and interesting!

My 3 friends and I decided it would be nice to take a private tour around Istanbul and had heard on Tripadvisor of the tours Soner Tufan gave as being very good. We booked Soner for a day and when he came to pick us up at our Hotel right away we new we would like him as he had a big smile and was very friendly. Soner took us to areas of Istanbul that we might not have seen had we tried to do it on our own. Soner was very informative and a joy to be with.

I would highly recommend his tours for those who want that extra special tour of Istanbul.

Vancouver, Canada

Reviewed June 23, 2011  

Christine R

A fantastic and informative day out in the City! Not to be missed.

Soner was an amazing guide in an amazing city. We saw the sites, and tasted the delights of Istanbul with Soner providing a minute by minute explanation of everything you could ever want to know about Istanbul. We had a fabulous time seeing the main sites of the city with every question we had answered with excitement and detail from Soner. Thank you for the best tour we have ever been on!

Kill, Ireland

Reviewed June 14, 2011

Sarah E

Soner was professional and well informed - this tour was a real treat!

This tour is a top Istanbul "to do" in my book. Istanbul is a busy, dense, complex, and hard to maneuver city. It is full of ancient beauty and so much rich history. Do yourself a favor and book yourself a full day with Soner early in your visit to help orient, get the big picks out of the way and identify smaller more secret treasures to explore on your own. Soner is so well informed, not at all robotic in his delivery, an interesting and kind person and he's lots of fun!

His energy is boundless, and he is willing to make changes to tour visits as your group wishes. You won't be disappointed!

San Francisco

Reviewed June 13, 2011

Adrienne S

Fantastic tour guide

I was skeptical when my sister book this tour, but, when I met Ali, I knew he would take care of us. And he did, what a fantastic guy. He pointed out all of the details at Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and even the stray dogs with ear tags. You may find lots of tour guides, but no one like Ali and I will use him again if we had the chance to visit Istanbul.

Atlanta, GA

Reviewed June 10, 2011

Sandy M

One of the best times, ever!

I made contact with Soner based on this rating on TripAdvisor and boy, I didn't need to check else where. He was very responsive and gave me the great prices for booking private tours with him.

I have to admit there was a time for me when I got worried for dealing with a foreign service company, especially when I had to pay something in advance. But he was willing to accommodate and work with my concern in the beginning, and later fulfilled his commitment all the way.

We were a group of 14 people coming to Istanbul on a cruise ship. I ended up booking a full day Classic Istanbul tour, a belly dancing show/dinner and a Bosphorus cruise the next day.

Soner didn't guide us himself, but he hooked us up with another local guide, Ali, whom we absolutely LOVED!!! Ali was funny, enthusiastic, kind, and so knowledgeable. We loved to listen to what fun and interesting information he had to impart next. We had a great time with him.

Soner arranged for a minibus to pick us up to and from the belly dancing show. There was no confusion as where to go, because we were greeted and escorted all the way. It was very nice.

The next day, Soner booked us a private boat just for our group for the Bosphorus cruise. And we were so happy that Ali came with us again. He was there to explain every important sites along the straits. It was a wonderful time. Our tour ended after a visit to the Spice Market, where we didn't really want to leave, because it meant it was time to leave Istanbul!

Again, even though Soner didn't guide us personally throughout our stay, he came to check on us at every tour, making sure everything was OK. The whole operation was completely professional, we felt taken care of.

I also booked a tour with Soner for our visit to Ephesus, and he was able to help me with that. Therefore, don't hesitate to ask him for anything beyond Istanbul.

Simi Valley, CA

Reviewed June 10, 2011

Adam B

2nd trip to Istanbul but much better with Soner

This year we decided to book a private tour with Soner. Never met the man before and was very pleased to meet a friendly, patient, intelligent and well spoken young gentleman. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for but this was not the case with Soner. Very happy with the service he provided and had an interesting and enjoyable day. From what Soner showed us, this year ended up being much better than last year. You will not be disappointed if you spend the day with Soner.

Go and enjoy this great city.

Dartmouth, Canada

Reviewed June 9, 2011

Franklin S


We had planned a cruise on Celebrity Equinox and on checking the internet I found Soner who had been highly recommended by many people. We had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed our visits to all of the local attractions. Soner was a wealth of knowledge and we had such an enjoyable day starting at 8am visiting the Pudding Shop for an excellent lunch and finishing at 5.30pm. We found Turkey an amazing place and with such a wonderful guide who could ask for more. We would highly recommend Soner to any traveller visiting Turkey.

Val and John Hitchen

Gold Coast Australia

Reviewed June 7, 2011

Val H

Want to see the best of Istanbul in a day? Soner is the guide you need.

Soner of Daily Istanbul tours was highly recommended by friends for a tour of Istanbul old city area. He didn't disappoint. With four of us in our group he guided us through the crowds with ease so we didn't waste time in lengthy queues. He was very personable, easy to understand, had a great depth of historical knowledge and was happy to be flexible with what we wanted to see and do. Spending the day with Soner was a great way to start our stay in Turkey.

Melbourne, Australia

Reviewed June 7, 2011

Eddy T

In depth and professional

Soner is an outstanding tour guide. Very professional. While making the arrangements each time I communicated with him by email, I got a response almost immediately. He offered to pick us up at the port where we docked on our cruise ship and take us and our luggage to our hotel prior to our tour. This made our lives so much simpler and was much appreciated. His tour was well organized and timed to avoid the major crowds brought in by the tour buses, especially at the Sultan's palace. He is very informative and gaged the interest and energy levels of his group well. If you only have one day to spend in Istanbul, then taking a tour with Soner will allow you to have a surprisingly broad and in depth experience.

We would highly recommend him!

Sault Ste. Marie

Reviewed June 6, 2011

Cindy S

Having Sonar as a guide is the only way to see Istanbul

For our first visit to Istanbul we booked Sonar with Daily Istanbul Tours primarily because of the positive reviews he recieved on your web site. It was the best decision we could have made. He handled our large group very well and made sure we got to see all the major sites of Istanbul and a few out of the way places that were of special interest to those in our group. It was a wonderful introduction to Istanbul. Sonar, you are the best.

San Diego, California

Reviewed June 5, 2011

Judy L


For me and my husband it is very important to discover a city. To enjoy it in the best way, in Istanbul we choose a full day tour.

Florida, Uruguay

Reviewed June 4, 2011

Angelina D

Forget Cruise excursions, Daily Istanbul Tours blows them out of the water!

We picked Daily Istanbul tours after reading the many great reviews online and are delighted to share in the praise of this company and the knowledge & perfection of the owner- Soner Tufan. This visit was by cruise ship and we usually go with the usual ship excursions but wanted to venture out and try something new.

WOW! We made the right choice! We had a 2 day tour of the city with Soner seeing Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque, Underground Cistern, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Bosphorus, Black Sea, etc., he took us to see everything on our list and much more. Soner's knowledge is impressive; explaining the history and culture of this great city with true enthusiasm. He is also a very kind and thoughtful host always making sure our needs are meet with delightful stops at non-touristy spots for refreshment and was ever patient with our constant picture taking. This tour was a big highlight of a month long Mediterranean dream trip.

If we ever get back to Istanbul we will hire him again, no question! He is the best!

Houston, Texas

Reviewed June 4, 2011

Stephanie E

Great Day in Istanbul

Soner Turfan is a fabulous host and Daily Istanbul Tours is a wonderful way to visit the city. I had been to Istanbul years ago, but wanted to make the most of a two day visit during a cruise. After reading Soner's reviews on Trip Advisor it was clear he was the guide to seek. Unfortunately, Soner was not available, but his associate, Mrs. Ebru was who proved to be a highly informed, organized and enjoyable guide and ambassador.

We had a very specific idea about what we wanted to see, but Mrs. Ebru provided additional recommendations and great perspective and insights on our tour. We loved Istanbul which remains one of my most favorite cities made all the more enjoyable by Daily Istanbul Tours which provides remarkable service and attention to its customers.

Washington DC, District of Columbia

Reviewed June 2, 2011

Paul F

The Tour guide for a Tour guide - excellence in Istanbul

I am a tour guide in my own city in New Zealand and for our European trip I was wanting the best small group experience, just as I deliver myself. Soner is the man. With only 8 hours in the city the classic tour was the perfect family experience for us. Soner quickly established our priorities and tailored the day, covering in-depth information, culture, food and a little shopping. We loved his driving ability through the back streets which was was quite a highlight given the traffic and the guy selling a chainsaw in between traffic lanes! Soner is a lovely guy, intelligent and exudes that wonderful Turkish charm to make Istanbul a memorable highlight of our time in Europe.

Highest recommendation from one who is in the industry.

Wellington, New Zealand

Reviewed May 29, 2011

Susan A

Wonderful tour with a very knowledgeable guide

Our friend gave us the name of his guide in Istanbul, but she was unavailable. We contacted Daily Istanbul Tours based on Trip Advisor reviews. We were not disappointed. Soner was extremely knowledgeable and it is well worth spending the extra money to have a private guide. We saw much more than we would have on our own. He was very accommodating of our wishes, gave us tips on restaurants, explained how to get to other sights in Istanbul. He took us to the Hippodrome first for a good history overview and then on to the Blue Mosque before Hagia Sophia. Because it was raining, Soner took us to the Asia side for a wonderful lunch in a traditional Turkish restaurant followed by Turkish Coffee. Then we went back to see another mosque and Chora.

He was very flexible and took us to the sights that would be difficult for us to reach from our hotel and explained how to walk to those sights nearby. I would definitely recommend this guide for anyone who wants to learn about Turkish culture and have a flexible tour tailored to your needs and wishes. Because of his fantastic guidance, we were able to see other sights on our own the next day.

Thanks Soner for a wonderful introduction to a city rich in culture and beauty.

Los Angeles, California

Reviewed May 29, 2011

Laura T

Awesome tour with an incredible tour guide!!

I read all of the great reviews on TripAdvisor about Daily Istanbul Tours and Soner in particular, so I decided to book a private all day tour. The reviews definitely lived up to my expectations and then some. Soner was an incredible tour guide! We booked a full-day tour that was to include the Hagia Sophia, Byzantine Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and the Topkapi Palace.

Soner was extremely knowledgeable about all of the locations and provided us with a ton of interesting information. He was also extremely flexible and accommodating and molded the tour to our needs. My friend and I wanted to find a place to try nargile and Soner took us to a really quaint nargile cafe near the Grand Bazaar. We were able to sit down and relax for about 30-45 minutes while taking in the Turkish culture and then walk to the Grand Bazaar to go shopping. This was the first time that I took a chance and booked a tour based upon TripAdvisor reviews and I'm extremely thankful that I did. I can't recommend this tour enough and especially having Soner as your tour guide.

Thank you again Soner for a lovely day...you definitely helped to make our trip to Istanbul a memorable one!

Beirut, Lebanon

Reviewed May 26, 2011

Tanya J

The best Istanbul Tour is with Soner!!

Have just returned from overseas and feel that I must make a comment about our excellent tour guide in Istanbul. His name is 'Soner' and he was wonderful. He arrived promptly, even had umbrellas for the rain!! He guided us according to the itinerary I had chosen and still added interesting comments on other things as we passed. We visited the Orient Express station and museum, the Sultanahmet Mosque, Aya Sofia, Topkapi Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. He has a degree in history and therefore his knowledge about these places and Istanbul is outstanding. He is so enthusiastic about his work it is refreshing! He is a delightful character too, very easy to get along with and flexible when needed. His prices are also excellent, we saw so much in the 7 hours with Soner...it would have easily taken 3 days to see the same things by ourselves and we would not have had the crucial historical background that Soner provides.

A great tour guide, highly recommend him. Thanks Soner!!!!
Kathy Seddon

Melbourne, Australia

Reviewed May 24, 2011

Kathy S

A Superior Tour Guide!

My wife & I arranged to have Soner guide us on a private tour for a full day in Istanbul. This is absolutely the best way to see the significant attractions (and definitely worth the price) and to do so in an efficient and well organized way. He picked us up and returned us to our hotel in his car, which was most comfortable and air-conditioned. Soner has mastered the English language, as well as the complete history of Istanbul, and provided us with a very understandable and thorough lesson in the history of Istanbul and Turkey. He worked at our pace and allowed us to linger as long as we wanted at the different sites. He gladly answered our "hundreds of questions." I highly recommend him to you.

Columbia, SC

Reviewed May 22, 2011

Jesse T

Great tour, great guide!

I was in Istanbul on business and had a free day to explore the city, so I decided to book a tour with Soner at Daily Istanbul Tours. I couldn't be happier with the decision. I was able to see the city highlights, have a good lunch, and do a bit of shopping at the Grand Bazaar.

Soner was good company and a great guide. His English was excellent and his car was clean and relatively new. He was able to expedite entry into a couple of the sights and having him along at the Grand Bazaar was worth the cost of the tour by itself.

It was fun to watch the sellers at the Bazaar start to approach me (I guess it was pretty clear that I looked like a tourist from out of town) and then back off when they saw Soner. Also, after I had haggled for what I thought was the best price, he would often be able to talk the seller into knocking off another few dollars.

Overall, it was a relaxing day and I felt no time pressure. I had a good time and learned a lot about the city and its history.

Seattle, Washington

Reviewed May 21, 2011

Paul O

Great Tour Guide

My partner and I took a trip to Turkey on New Years 2010. It was the first time holidaying in Turkey for both of us. Daily Istanbul Tours took us around a number of tourist attraction sights of our choice. We spent about 2 hours sight seeing and learning about the history and culture of Turkey and finished the day with a genuine Turkish Lunch. The entire tour was fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone!

Houston, Texas

Reviewed May 16, 2011

John M

Excellent guided tour in Istanbul

I don't normally go on guided tour whenever I travel as I like to explore the area/attraction on my own time. I was really glad that my sister has arranged for it this time around as Soner is very good. He is quite flexible with timing - difficult when you have 2 keen photographers on hand. He clearly love the city and his work which is evident from his passion in the history of Istanbul.

The highlight of the trip is the lunch at a local place, Ehli Kebab where we had the best food while we were in Turkey. We won't have discovered many local attractions if we haven't got Soner on hand.

Highly recommended and thank you for making it a memorable trip!

London, United Kingdom

Reviewed May 15, 2011

Brenda L


After reading so many positive reviews on Trip Advisor my wife and I signed up for a two person Istanbul Classic Tour via. All the details were arranged efficiently via email.

It was an 8 or 9 hour tour, Soner picked us up from our hotel, and we walked to the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Hagia Sofia, then drove to the Grand Bazar and he also took us to a nice viewpoint overlooking Istanbul.

This is an exceptional tour, Soner is a fantastic guide, and the classic Istanbul tour should be part of every tourist's itinerary.

Seattle, Washington

Reviewed May 14, 2011

Arun T

See Beloved Istanbul Through the Eyes of a Local

Soner knows his city and its history. He made the city seem to come alive with his stories and sites. He has a most accommodating manner and was eager to show us everything he could in the days we had. From the time he picked us up at the airport through the day and one-half we spent with him, the tour was wonderful. We were a large group (8) but everyone thought he was the best guide we had ever had.

Napa, California

Reviewed May 13, 2011

Cheryl C

Soner gave us all the important stuff and the VIP treatment

We found Soner here on trip advisor, and I'm so happy we did! We were scheduled to travel to Egypt, and our flight was cancelled due to the unrest there. We quickly scrambled with British air, and re-routed to Istanbul. It want ideal, as we had no idea what to plan (other than warmer clothes). Based on trip advisor, we booked Soner for our first day and delicious Istanbul for our 2nd day. Both were perfection. Sooner picked us up door to door and rook us all the places we would have needed a car for. We covered in one day what would have easily been 3 days and lots of confusing trains!

I especially loved his candor... As I had lots of questions about the Turkish women's culture for modern women. Sonar was a wealth of information. My highlights were the sophia, petting the Obama cat, and our Asia side lunch. Sonar was also happy to make stops at the fish market and leather shops that we were attracted to.

Thank you!

San Francisco, California

Reviewed April 29, 2011

Shannon H

Fantastic Tour.

My partner and I had only a very short time in Istanbul so we contacted Soner at Istanbul Day Tours and asked him to show us as much as possible in one day. We had a fantastic tour visiting the major sights and many other places of interest that we would not have found on our own. Soner is a wonderfully warm person with excellent English and a great knowledge and love of his city and its culture .

We ended the day fully satisfied that we had gained a very valuable insight into this fabulous city.

Berkeley, California

Reviewed April 28, 2011

Diane K

Absolutely the best!

We took a cruise to Istanbul and were highly recommended to take a private tour with Soner at Daily Istanbul tours and we are so glad we did it. Soner was AWESOME! He picked us up at the exit to the cruise and gave us a guided tour of Istanbul to include information about each site and let us explore at our own pace. He was very flexible and allowed us to work the tour around our needs. I would highly recommend Soner and Daily Istanbul Tours to anyone who is going to this amazing city. We can't say enough about our wonderful day with Soner.

Heidelberg, Germany

Reviewed April 26, 2011

Patrick F

Very flexible Istanbul Tour

I traveled with 5 kids and my parents. So you could imagine how difficult to handle, but Soner was very calm and make everyone in the group happy. He was so quick to make a change to our itinerary to suit our need and interest.

Having a local people with us on the street to experience new thing is an advantage. You can ask him anything, the more you ask, and the more you can appreciate his knowledge. The most valuable think we have with him is that he was not pushing us to make the tour end early. So that we don’t feel guilty to spend our own time slow and steady.

Lunch is included. Thanks Soner. Hope to see you again.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Reviewed April 25, 2011

Julie H


I had an excellent 1/2d private tour of Istambul with Soner and the next day a full day tour with Ebra who works with Soner. Both were fantastic. You can't go wrong with Soner's tours.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Reviewed April 18, 2011

Kate L

The perfect Guide- Soner Tufan

We had an excellant Tour with Soner. He knows so much history behind each attraction he took us to and he speaks english so we actually understood what he was saying which was a plus. He was very accomodating to our needs. We were exhausted since we flew in that same morning and were up 36 hrs in a row prior to that so we had to cut the tour short. Soner was very patient while we dragged our feet throughout the tour. He took us to a wonderful spot for lunch with really good food. Thanks Soner for making our stay in Instanbul worthwhile. Congrats to your family on your new born son.

Sultana-Khaja Family from Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois

Reviewed April 12, 2011

Sultana K

Fabulous! the provided tour arrangement and execution were excellent!

We spent 1 and 1/2 days visiting many great attraction sites in Istanbul. Mr. Ali was our tour guide. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, kind and professional! We highly recommend his excellent service. This was by far our best excursion throughout our 12 day tour.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Reviewed April 10, 2011

Ahmad R

The best way to explore Isatanbul

We have wanted to visit Istanbul for many years. If you think about it, Istanbul's history is not that different to that of Rome. It is just that in their history, they moved in slightly different directions. Istanbul is a much larger city than Rome so it will take more time to uncover the treasures of it's history. We planned a short visit and decide the best way to make use of our time would be to find a local guide. Soner Tufan's credentials and recommendations are widely available on Tripadvisor so we contacted him. From that moment on, all the arrangements could not have been easier. Soner gave us one of the best day we have ever had during the many years of our travels. I cannot recommend him highly enough if you want to know about the history of Istanbul and visit sites in a depth that you will never achieve in any other way. It doesn't matter where you what you want to see, Soner will take you there. Just discuss with him want you would like and accept his recommendations, you will not be disappointed. We have used many personal guides in different parts of the world, but Soner operates at the highest possible level. Just send him an email.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Reviewed April 7, 2011

Mike N

Great Istanbul Tour!

Our Family of four (my wife and I and our 12 and 14 year old kids) did two consecutive one day tours with Soner. The first day was the regular Istanbul tour, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkepi Palace. The second day we went to Rumeli Fortress, the Cisterns and then went on a drive north to the Coast of the Black Sea where we visited an old fortress (I forget the name) and had lunch. Soner spoke very good english and was very informative and accommodating. The second day tour wasn't one of the ones from his website. I just told him what we wanted to see and he put together a tour. Highly recommended!

Phoenix, Arizona

Reviewed March 29, 2011

Andrew T

Soner was very informative and his English is excellent.

If you go to Istanbul, I recommend taking the Classic City Tour with Soner. We stayed in Istanbul for only 3 nites and one day was dedicated to this tour which turned out to be culturally valuable for us. We saw Tonkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Archaelogical Museum and the City Walls. Also included a yummy lunch.

Alameda, CA

Reviewed March 23, 2011

Peter Z

A highly enjoyable day in Istanbul spent with a top quality tour guide.

My wife and I spent a day touring the sights of Istanbul with Soner. Besides his excellent historical knowledge of the area he was an extremely pleasant person to spend the day with. We walked and visited the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cisterns, Topkapi Palace, and the Hippodrome. After lunch he drove us along the ancient city walls to Eyup where we visited the Eyup Sultan Mosque, the cemetery, and the neighbourhood. We wrapped up the tour taking the funicular up to the Pierre Loti Cafe for a beautiful sunset view of the Golden Horn. Soner is extremely professional, has excellent english and confidently dealt with the numerous business requests throughout our day. We highly recommend him.

Montreal, Canada

Reviewed March 21, 2011

Celine S

Best way to start off a trip to Istanbul

My husband and I traveled to Istanbul on our honeymoon and booked Soner for a private tour for our first full day there, based on the reviews I had read on this site. Soner picked us up at the hotel at 9AM on Sunday and we were with him until 4PM.

I'm so glad that we decided to do this, especially at the beginning of our trip. Having a guide drive us around made things much easier, especially given our jetlag and disorientation. We visited many of the major sites -- Blue Mosque, Ayasofia, old city wall, Topkapi Palace, and Pierre Loti hill. Soner also took us to a yummy lunch along the Golden Horn. He was incredibly knowledgeable about everything we saw and great company in general. If we'd had more time, we would have booked him for another half day tour at least. The only downside of the whole thing was the gray, misty fog that prevented some of the best views of the city -- but of course this was beyond Soner's control.

I can't emphasize what a difference it made to spend our first day of sightseeing with a reliable and knowledgeable individual. It was a real pleasure to spend the day with him and by the end we were completely wiped out (in a good way!). I would recommend Soner to anyone looking to get a good sense of the city and the sights.

New York City, New York

Reviewed March 18, 2011

Chris B

Most helpful and personal service

It was quite lucky we got this Company as when I first clicked on the Tripadvisor recommendation for City tours I got some other company who's location wasn't clear. Anyway Soner turned up on time in a Nissan 4 x 4 and I thought we would be joining others in a bus but no it was just the two of us - great! That meant we could go where and when we wanted and ost importantly for as long as WE wanted at each place. We saw all the usual suspects but the best thing apart from the one to one chat was that we queue barged all the lines very nonchalantly.

We went to the carpet shop and I always find that a bit tacky when not wanting to buy. Anyway not interested in buying and would prefer missing this out - I am sure you can tell him in advance. However we did get a cup of red apple tea which really was delicious.

Lunch was at the Pudding something or other which was absolutely delicious. The trip round the Grand Bazaar was once again in our own time which was great and we finished at 6 instead of 5 which shows how enjoyable it was.

Probably in peak times this 1-1 experience won't be available but no dout he will still give a personalised service.
Definitely recommend.

London, UK

Reviewed March 17, 2011

Ben C

Best in the Business

We booked a tour with Soner due in large part to the overwhelmingly positive reviews. We couldn't have been happier. Soner is an extremely knowledgeable and friendly tour guide. He presented each site with enthusiasm and authoritative expertise.

We've taken tours in larger groups at different locations but the personal care and attention provided by a guide of Soner's caliber is worth every penny.

He met us at our hotel and led us on our tour of the city. We saw the Sultanhamet mosque, Hagia Sofia, Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, as well as a trip to the Asian side for panoramic views of the city. He even took the time to help us find a reputable rug dealer. Overall, a great experience. Very, very, very highly recommended.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Reviewed March 11, 2011

Kim T

Friendly and knowledgeable

Soner is an excellent guide.. Made me feel right at home... Coming from Jamaica I had so many questions about the city and culture of Istanbul, Soner answered them all. It felt as if we were long lost friends the entire time he showed me the highlights of his city.

Kingston, Jamaica

Reviewed March 4, 2011

Dave C

Wonderful Tour

We would like to say thank you very much to Soner and his Tours and Excursions Company. We had a 2 days tour in Istanbul and he showed us the best places to vist and we really enjoyed his company, vehicle, and the itinerary he prepared for us. It was really great! Thanks and all the best,

Hector, Sophie and Chris.

Calgary, Canada

Reviewed March 3, 2011

Hector S

Fantastic tours/experience of Istanbul and of a lifetime!

This tour exceeded our expectations and set a new standard for the tours we would like to take in other areas/places in Turkey. We initially did research on Trip Advisor, and decided to go with Daily Istanbul Tours based on the reviews. Furthermore, we had heard that Istanbul could be a difficult city to get around for the foreign traveler, due to the language barrier and the fact that so many people are there.

Soner’s tours are uniquely fashioned to take you to all of the places you want to go (based on the tour selection), while optimizing your time in each historic site. We picked the Byzantine tour, which was all in all slated for four hours, but since we had our tour on a Sunday morning (not a busy day in Istanbul), Soner was able to spend more time in the sites explaining the fascinating details of the Theodosian Wall, Blue Mosque, Hague Sophia, Hypodrome, and the Godlen Horn vantage point. His knowledge was extensive and humorous, and did not detract from us taking pictures or doing what we wanted to do…ultimately it was our tour, and he accommodated our wishes extremely well. Additionally, we asked several basic questions about religion, culture, shopping, and food, and Soner was eager to answer all of our questions

He took the time to pick us up from our hotel, which was not close to the Old City, and after learning that we had hoped to see the Grand Bazaar (which was closed on Sundays), he offered to take us on a Monday morning prior to another tour. His hospitality helped garner a good impression of Turkey, and the tour was worth every dime! We had a fabulous time, and when we return, will definitely be signing up for his/Daily Istanbul Tours.

Washington DC, District of Columbia

Reviewed February 25, 2011

Lisa U

Very knowledgeable, friendly fun tour guide

Soner know's his stuff , picked us up on time, drove us around, showed us all the major attractions and knew everything about them. We had fun, so will you!!

Geneva, Switzerland

Reviewed February 24, 2011

Richard A

Soner Tufan - Daily Istanbul Tours - thorough, friendly & knowledgable

We completely enjoyed our day with Soner, who is Turkish. He was very generous with his time and extremely knowledgable regarding the history as well as cultural and religious aspects of Istanbul and the country of Turkey. He was consciencious and careful to arrive on time with a clean, reliable car and he gave us good advice for the rest of our trip. He extended the tour beyond that which he had offered to show us. Really great!

Fontainebleau, France

Reviewed February 23, 2011

Susan B

One of the best tours that we have taken

I took my two teenagers to Istanbul for a few days and decided to have Soner as our guide, he is knowledgeable and very informative about the city and we had one of the best private tours that we ever taken. He spent two days showing us all the major sites that we wanted to see and even arranged the dinner show that I requested on the day that we did not have him, everything works out perfectly for the trip. I highly recommend him to anyone that might be interested in seeing Istanbul.

Washington, USA

Reviewed February 20, 2011

Kevin H

Good and Friendly

After reading the highly recommended tour, I contacted Daily Istanbul Tour. Because I went with my family, they offered me a family tour package, which I accepted. It turned-out to be a very good decision.

Our guide was Ebru. She is very knowledgeable, outgoing person. She was very patient when we decided to make longer stop in some of the place, or when we needed to have an unplanned stop or detour during the tour. She didn't really put a 'cutoff' time for our day tours, so we could leisurely enjoy all the attractions.

I highly recommend her for anybody planning to have a sightseeing tour in Istanbul. I'm glad I made the right decision to choose Daily Istanbul Tour and Ebru during our visit there.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Reviewed February 18, 2011

Isman G

Amazing Istanbul Tour - Absolutely recommend it!

This is by far one of the best city tours I have had. We have had quite a few city breaks in the last year and we were hoping to take break from traveling by rounding off with Istanbul and thanks to Daily Istanbul Tours, it will be one we will remember for a long time.

I booked a private tour based on Trip Advisor reviews and was promptly responded to by Soner Tufan, the man who would ensure the best of times in Istanbul. After some initial confusion on the days we were hoping to book the tour for, it was agreed that Soner would pick us up at the hotel at 9 AM on the day of our arrival (we arrived early morning to Istanbul). Since we were absolutely knackered from traveling, we took a quick nap and this delayed us in getting ready to meet Soner. Sone, promptly arrived at 9 AM to our hotel (Gulahane Park Hotel) and called us from the reception. We kept him waiting for fifteen minutes and when we arrived at the reception, we were met by him, a pleasant looking and young Turkish man, who has spent quite a few years in the US learning english. Not just that Soner also has a 4 year degree in tour guiding and has considerable experience.

Upon realising that we were skipping breakfast, the first thing Soner did was to take us to get breakfast on top of the highest hill on the European side, overlooking the Golden Horn. He personally asked the cafe to prepare two delicious Turkish sandwiches and topped it up with some excellent Turkish tea. In all this time, he set about explaining the history of Istanbul and the significance of various sights. Upon finishing the breakfast, he drove us to the Blue Mosque, followed it up with Hippodrome, Top Kapi palace during the first half. After this, he drove us across the Bosphorus to the Asian side for lunch atop the thighest hill on the Asian side. Even the restaurant was well chosen and we had an amazing lunch. We spent some time on the hill and started making our way back to the European side and were held up in traffic. On the way on either sides, he showed us various landmarks of Istanbul. He then took us to the Grand Bazaar and dropped us back at the hotel at our request as we were really tired then. He had offered to spend more time and take us around, but we chose to decline as we were tired.

Depth of Soner's knowledge is incredible and seems to have an answer to everthing. He was extremely detailed in explaining everything and very easy to get along too. You dont feel like you have hired a professional guide, instead, you feel that you have met a close friend in Istanbul who is showing you around. Not once did he offer to take us to place shopping, even though we asked quite a few times about it. Even when he drove us to the Grand Bazaar, he advised us not to buy anything, but asked us to check the prices as he rightfully reckoned that it may be cheaper in Spice Bazaar.

Now, ideally, we would have wanted him to guide us for the second day too. But due to some email confusion, he went by days and I went by dates, which meant that he was unavailable for the following day. He did however, organise another extremely capable colleague, Mrs. Ebru to show us around the following day, which included the Bosphosous tour, Spice Bazaar, Haggia Sophia etc. She was equally good and even more bubbly than Soner.

All in all, I strongly recommend using Daily Istanbul Tours for your tours to Istanbul.

London, UK

Reviewed February 15, 2011

Ewa R

Unforgettable, a detailed, interesting and personal tour

I would recommend this tour to anybody who is visiting Istanbul. We unfortunately only spent 4 days in Istanbul but Soner took us on an awesome tour of many of the key sights over the course of the day, it felt like we saw a great deal of the European side and learnt so much about the fascinating history and culture.

Soner was very knowledgable and generous, taking the time to explain everything with plenty of facts and anecdotes. It didn't feel 'touristy' at all - rather like being shown around the city by one of your friends! He met us at our hotel which was excellent.

When we return to Istanbul we will definitely be contacting Soner for another tour!

Adelaide, Australia

Reviewed February 14, 2011


Jack E

Sonar was a great guide for us in Istanbul

We spent a day with Sonar and three other Americans who joined us from a cruise. Two of people were older and Sonar took care to make sure they had enough breaks and could sit when possible. The information we got from Sonar was very helpful as we toured the major sites and discovered more about this wonderful city and the people who live there. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Sonar and would highly recommend him to others.

Portland, Oregon

Reviewed February 13, 2011

Gary B

Istanbul City Tour with Sonor Tufan's Tour Company - Best Ever!!!!

Two women in Turkey for business travel - we had one free day to see and experience Istanbul, our tour took place on a Monday between 9 AM and 5:30 PM.

We were able to take in the Old City, Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Archeological Museum, Hagai Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Palace Museum, Lunch, Basilica Cistern, and Treasury

From the time we were greeted at the hotel and throughout the day, up to the last moments of our day, Sonor held our interest and provided a great tour of Istanbul.

Sonor is very informative - don't hesitate to ask questions about this wonderful city. Sonor is a studied historian - I was very pleased with the pace of the tour and all the museums and treasures we were able to take in.

We opted for the local cuisine for lunch and it was excellent. Roasted curried meats fresh salads and vegetables. We ended the day with a walk through both the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market.

There is no better way to see Istanbul in a single day than by private Sedan by a History Major no less. Sonor is professional, courteous, fun and made every minute a learning experience. Look no further. This is your tour company!

Thank you Sonor for a wonderful day! Jane from Florida

Reviewed February 11, 2011

Jane D

daily istanbul tour (classic tour)

Only thing I gotta say about the tour was..I had great time! Our tour guide, Soner, was very knowledgable and did his best to satisfy our needs. He was always on time whenever he picked us up from free time, although we weren't, and most important of all - he knew what he was talking about!! One more thing - he was kind enough to give us a ride back to the airport from our hotel. I had great time in Istanbul, and Soner made it better experience!

Orange County

Reviewed February 8, 2011

Daniel F

Most Knowledgeable Tour Guide Ever!

Was on a recent trip to Istanbul for a meeting and only had 1 free day to tour the city. Found Soner on the internet and contacted him via email. He responded quickly and agreed to take me and a coworker on a private day tour of Istanbul.

What a day! Soner's knowledge of Istanbul's history and architecture was iimpressive. Even though we only had a day, Soner extended our time together to make sure we had a chance to see all of the main attractions (without increasing the price); spontaneously adding on a new museum that quite spectacularly depicted the conquering of Constantinople. Soner picked us up from our hotel promptly at 9 AM; and we didn't return til almost 7 PM.

It was definitely a flexible tour meant to make sure we spent the appropriate amount of time at the sites we found most interesting. Breaking from the norm, Soner also took us to lunch at a beautiful restaurant on the river that is frequented by locals; not your usual tourist trap. We had a delicious mixed grill and excellent service, (lunch and admissions fees were all included in the price of the tour)

Soner's passion for Istanbul, history, and his occupation are obvious. It's rare to find someone who so enjoys their work. He even made a point to take pictures with our cameras in Muslim only areas of the mosques and viewpoints of sites that he knew to be particularly photogenic.

Soner has total command of the English language, having spent 6 months in the States post university studying history.

If looking for a tour of Istanbul, I would highly recommend Soner. He is terrific!

Reviewed February 7, 2011

Clifford W

Great personalized tour with an excellent guide

We are so happy to have used Soner for our day trip around Istanbul. We were collected from our hotel on time and shown to all the attractions in our own time. Soner showed a keen interest in where we wanted to go, suggested some off the beaten track places, and really showed us a great time. He is also incredibly knowledgable, and very passionate about the city.

If you'd like to do all the 'must-see' attractions in your own time with an excellent local guide, I highly recommend you use Soner.

Reviewed February 1, 2011

Matt G

Wonderful tour

We just arrived home from our wonderful 2 weeks in Turkey. We enjoyed our tour with Soner very much it was a good introduction to Turkey. He showed us many sights, took us to a good restaurant for lunch and by the end of the day we felt comfortable enough to further explore istanbul. He was very knowledgeable and we got some good history lessons as well as tips on shopping and getting around by tram or bus.

Reviewed February 1, 2011

Maureeta Z

A great day

We booked this trip based on TripAdvisor recommendations and we were not disappointed. Not only did Soner show us the Old Town, the spice Market, and take us on a Bosphorus River Cruise, he drove us over to the Asian side of Istanbul and took us to a park with a GREAT view of the city. My spouse loves bridges, so this was a special treat.
We enjoyed the day - I highly recommend the tour.

Reviewed January 30, 2011

Jackalie B

Soner is the best guide for istanbul!

We spent 4 days in Istanbul in early January and really wanted to get a guide for at least a day to ensure we covered the main sites. Having read a number of positive reviews on Soner on tripadvisor we booked Soner for a full day tour of the city. He was fabulous - he met us at our hotel and explained the schedule for the day - he was really flexible as we had visited a couple of the sites on the itinerary the day before, he substituted these with a few others. His knowledge about the historical sites is excellent. He added in a few extras on the tour and we even got a drive around the city! He ensured that vegetarian lunch was catered for.

Soner is highly recommended. Thank you Soner. Krishna.

Reviewed January 23, 2011

Krishna S


Soner was our guide around Istanbul. The city is amazing, but having someone take you around and put the history and architecture into context made it even more so. Soner is passionate about this city and clearly enjoys showing people all that it has to offer. He went above and beyond throughout the tour. He saw our interest and also took us to see a cistern as well as the city walls and a panoramic view of the city and gave us helpful information about how to spend our Sunday. This was by far the best tour I have ever been on.

Reviewed January 19, 2011

Monica V

Awesome guide !

Like each of you, i read about Soner on tripadvisor. My first encounter with him was on the 16th Jan 2011. He was very punctual and arrived at our hotel lobby in time for the Istanbul Classic tour. His knowledge of the historical places was vast and it was later revealed that he had studied 4 years for this! After the end of the tour, he had even offered to show us around the city walls in his private vehicle.

A day spent well indeed. Thanks Soner!

Reviewed January 17, 2011

James T

In one day Soner Tufan showed us most of the major sites in Istanbul

We used Soner in Septemer of 2010 for the first day of a 5 days visit in Istanbul. He picked us up at our hotel at 8:30AM, as scheduled, and we had a wonderful day, seeing and hearing an explaimation of many of the major sites in the city. He was friendly, had a big smile on his face, spoke perfect English (we are from North Carolina in the USA), extremely knowledgeable, answered all our many questions concerning lifestyles, politics, religion, food, transportation, Turkish habits, good buys/bad buys in the marketplaces.

All and all, money well spend ! We were very pleased and would highly recommend Soner to maximize your learning curve in one day. He then reviewed our schedule for the next 4 days and gave us more good advise.

If you don't have a cousin in Istanbul to take you around town, hire Soner for the day.
You will be happy with the results. It's a wonderful city; we hope to return someday.

Reviewed January 16, 2011

David R


This was by far the best tour I have ever had! Soner was a great guide who helped us through he grand bazaar and helped us bargain the price down. Since we came in January he even added a couple extra sights to the tour and drove us out to a great panoramic view point. It is very clear that he loves his job and cares about showing tourists the history and culture of Istanbul. I recommend Soner to anyone who wants a gaurenteed memorable experience.

Reviewed January 16, 2011

Jimmy G

Soner at daily istanbul tours

Sonner is really good, his english is great he knows his stuff and get him to help you to buy things at the shops he will get you a good price. He is the best guide out there

Reviewed January 10, 2011

Tushar Y

We would ask for Ebru again!

We are a family of four (two late teen sons) on our fisrt visit to Instanbul. Couldn't get on to a group tour as we booked quite late so we were offered a private tour instead. We were extremely pleased with our guide, Ebru. She was very attentive, made the visits very interesting for everyone in our party, she is very good at having a conversation pretty much about anyything and she is good company, which is very important if you are spending a whole day with your guide. I would definitely recommend Ebru if you are interested in a private/small group tour.

Reviewed January 9, 2011

Paul T

Informative & Great with a Teenager - Excellent

My wife, 13-year old daughter and I visited Istanbul in early January 2011, and were with Soner for 2 separate half-day tours.

On the first tour, we walked to different sites in the Sultanahmet area. For the second tour, Soner drove us to attractions in both the old and new sections of European Istanbul. We were the only 3 people on each tour.

We all found Soner to be easy going, relaxed, non-dramatic, prompt, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Our daughter even liked him very much, which is quite a compliment coming from a 13-year old (and something she couldn't say about the tour guides on previous trips). Soner had a knack for knowing when - and when not - to speak directly to our daughter, and when to just let her be.

In sum, if you enjoy a tour guide who is laid back, not "fake" enthusiastic, smart, knowledgeable, easy to talk with and prompt, the Soner is your man.

Anita S

A trip to remember with Daily Istanbul Tours

We spent our honeymoon in Istanbul last March, it was one of the unforgettable trips I had with my husband. We arranged our tours with "Daily Istanbul Tours" as were surfing the internet for tours and it was the most accurate and complete informative website.

We called them the day we arrived and they sent us a car after 30 minutes to our hotel. the first day, the tour guide (Soner) after we finished our tour which was to Sultan Ahmed Area, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and the Egyptian Bazaar, he did us a compliment when he knew we are honeymooners and stayed with us longer and took us for a tour around the city,
we really had fun and we arranged with him the 2nd tour the following day, where he took us to places not all Egyptians know when then travel to Istanbul like Ayoub Al Ansary mosque and area, then to the Pierre Lotti and the Golden Horn were we had the telefric and had much fun, then we did the Bosphorus trip followed by the Top Kapi Palace where we spent the rest of the day and prices were reaally reasonable.

We will make sure to contact Soner the next time we plan for going to Istanbul, as we really had fun and would love to repeat this again

Reviewed December 27, 2010

Barren J

Istanbul highlights

A fabulous city of contrasts steeped in history. Our stay was enhanced by Soner,our private tour guide. His knowledge and suggestions ensured that we maximised our time in Istanbul thus enabling us to visit and enjoy all places of interest and importance during our short stay there. Soner's knowledge was impressive and he provided invaluable assistance for a wonderful trip. i would thoroughly recommend a private tour as the best way to see and learn about the highlights of Istanbul.

Reviewed December 17, 2010

Sebastian D

The best tour of Istanbul

I am so grateful for my tour guide, Soner. He was timely (9am sharp) and extraordinarily knowledgeable about his city, its history, architecture, and people. He was very friendly and personable. And instead of ending my tour at the Grand Bazaar like usual, he escorted me back to the hotel where I was to meet friends to make sure I was safe. What a gentleman! Highly recommended and worth every penny!

Reviewed December 12, 2010

Nick W

It just gets better and better!

Starting off the day with rainy drops and chilly breeze can really spoil a holiday mood but having Soner as our private tour guide really turned things the other way round! He's very efficient, knowledgeble and very passionate about his job, not to mention also very fun to be with! Besides providing us great information about the main attraction points, he also brought us to one of the best restaurant in Istanbul (Pudding shop) and recommended probably the best local meatball shop (Tarihi Sultanahment Koftecisi)in town. We end up eating here several times because it tastes excellent and full of local people! Overall, a splendid getaway indeed! Thanks Soner! Highly recommended!

Reviewed December 11, 2010

Jane R

A fascinating day!

When we started to organize our day with Soner he was always so quick to respond. From the hotel shuttle, to a day touring his city he never disappointed. He was knowledgable, friendly and fun!

Reviewed December 4, 2010

Susan K

Best Guide of Istanbul!

For me and my husband it is very important to discover a city. To enjoy it in the best way, in Istanbul we choose a full day tour. Our guide, Sonner, was very kind and his speech was clear and with a lot of important information. When we return to Istanbul we are going to try other tours by this organization.

Reviewed November 30, 2010

Yuri K

Recommended Istanbul Guide

We started our med cruise with a few days in Istanbul. Soner was a great guide; very articulate and well-informed. We had a few bumps in Turkey (taxis, directions) but he was wonderful and we would recommend him completely. Very lovely.

Reviewed November 26, 2010

Elke H

Informative and enjoyable

We had a half day tour with Soner. It was a great way to start our 4 day visit. Apart from showing us some of the sights he was very informative about the history and other aspects of the city. It was very enjoyable and his English was excellent. He also gave us a good recommendation for a boat trip.

Reviewed November 19, 2010

Jenny C

Wonderful & Interesting Tour

We have just returned from a 4 day trip to Istanbul. Istanbul is a fantastic City, Exciting, Vibrant and Chaotic all at the same time. In our experience the People of Istanbul are very friendly and always happy to make an effort to help those of us that visit their stunning city with just a word or two of their native tongue. Our trip was made all the more special by having taken a full day tour with Soner at Daily Istanbul Tours. Soner is very informed about all aspects of his history, culture, architecture and politics. We had a full day tour and we both enjoyed very much being lead around this wonderful city by a resident with a real commitment to making your visit special.

You could of course visit all of the places of interest yourself with a guide book but will you guide book take you through the side streets offering interesting facts and anecdotes or answer any question you had in an informed and contextual way? I agree with all the previous contributors tat a visit to Istanbul is not complete without a tour from Soner. We hope to return one day and will again take a tour as the city seems to change almost before your eyes.

Reviewed November 16, 2010

Celeste P

Soner is an excellant guide, and willing to work with us to help us see everything we wanted to see in a short time

We really enjoyed our guide, Soner. He was so easy to work with, was very knowledgeable, and was willing to show us Istanbul during the hours our cruise ship was in port, extending into the evening. We really appreciate him, and would highly recommend him as a guide!!

Reviewed November 13, 2010

Janet E

Istanbul tour with a local guide

Soner made Istanbul our favorite city on our multi-city tour. Soner is a knowledgeable and articulate, speaks perfect English, and obviously loves his work and his city. He also listened well to our preferences and modified the tour in several ways to suit our ideas. Even in the middle of this exciting city, Soner found us a lovely park-like setting with no other tourists in sight and this was during the peak tourist season. Soner exceeded our expectations. We were fortunate to see this amazing city with this outstanding guide.

Reviewed November 10, 2010

Sally T

Best tour and tour guide in Istanbul

When I logged on to tripadvisor and clicked on "Best things to do in Istanbul" the first option was "Daily Istanbul Tours" . I was skeptical about a tour being the best thing to do, however, I went ahead and booked Soner for a day. He was kind enough to receive us at 8am from our hotel and unlike other tour guides not ask us to join them somewhere. As I said earlier, I was very skeptical about the whole thing bcoz I ve had bad experiences earlier in Rome and Venice with tour guides. But as soon as I met Soner, I knew we were in good hands. Firstly, his English is very fluent, so there were no problems understanding all the details during the tour. Secondly, he is very knowledgeable about Turkish history and so he is very good at what he does. Thirdly, he is very helpful, I would have asked him various questions regarding bars, clubs, restaurants (things not related to his tour) and he answered everything with a smile. Not even once we felt that he is getting annoyed by the whole inquiries. He even went out of his way to arrange vegetarian food for us during lunch. Fourthly, and what I felt was the most important point is that he really really enjoys his work. Which makes the tour all the more entertaining.

The tour was amazing, we went to all the main attractions.
The tour guide (Mr. Soner) was awesome, his english was fluent, he was helpful and his knowledge about turkish history was great.

I have already recommended Mr.Soner to my friends and definitely will recommend his tours to others.

Reviewed November 3, 2010

Amber H

Soner was a wonderful tour guide

Soner did a great job of our full day tour of Istanbul. He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions we had. It was a lot of fun and included a lot of the main tourist attractions around Istanbul and we even added on the Cistern which was not a part of our tour.

Reviewed October 30, 2010

Tim S

Soner is an fabulous and reasonably priced guide

In August, 2010 my family of seven were in Istanbul as part of a cruise. Since we only had one day we wanted to pack in as much as possible. After reading some reviews on trip Advisor I contacted Soner via e-mail to see if he would be available to tour us. He responded immidately and was there at the cruise ship to pick us up at the appointed time with a beautiful van and driver. We had an amazing tour of the best of Istanbul and Soner worked very hard to make sure that we could see all of the sites that I had asked to see - which was far more than is usually seen in one day. Soner was a wonderful guide; very well spoken and knowlegeable. He as very friendly and our whole family (aged 19 to 52) enjoyed him very much. He made the Istanbul the highlight of our entire Meditteranean cruise.

Reviewed October 26, 2010

Lara A

Perfect way to start a stay in Istanbul

My wife and I travelled for a 4 day stay in Istanbul to celebrate our 40th birthdays - decided to start the trip with a full day tour of the city with Soner. We were met in our hotel lobby and then had an eight hour tour around the major sites of the city. Soner was informative and interesting throughout, and happy to answer any questions about the tour or daily Istanbul traditions and way of life.
The walking tour was the perfect way to start our stay, it gave us an idea of the geography and history, and also the confidence to explore the city for the remainder of our stay. Highly recommended for the start of a trip to find your bearings and learn about the city, and essential if you're just in town for a flying visit.

Reviewed October 26, 2010

Ian B

Look no further than Soner for the best tour of Istanbul

Soner is the guide whose company is Daily Istanbul Tours. He speaks terrific English, is humorous and extremely knowledgeable, tirelessly answering questions. His tours are extensive, and the least expensive of any I've compared him to...but he's actually worth much more! He'll help you negotiate for items if it's your desire to buy something, and is flexible with his itineraries. Tell him what you want to see and I'm sure he can make it happen. NOTE: be sure to contact him directly either via his website contact form (he answers those emails very quickly!) or via phone. Because hotels do not get 'kickback' commissions for arranging tours with him, many hotels would rather send you to those companies that they do get such commissions from. Trust me, they'll all be higher priced. And they won't have Soner! Contact him to arrange your tour BEFORE you arrive in Istanbul, if possible. You won't be disappointed!!!

Reviewed October 15, 2010

Natalie J

Istanbul was fantastic thansks to Soner!

Our guide Soner did an awesome job showing us the best of Istanbul. We got a very personalized tour, learned so much about the beautiful people of Turkey and Istanbul while enjoying the incredible sights. East truly meets west here - a modern city with a diversity that astounds the mind and eyes! We were in Istanbul with a cruise and when we returned to the ship and compared our tour with that of the shore excursions, our tour was better. Not only was it personalized, we were able to hear the information clearly (there were just 3 of us in our party!) and ask as many questions and make special requests (buy turkish coffee at the best places, market place where the Turkish people buy their clothes, etc.). We learned so much and Soner made it fun.

Reviewed October 12, 2010

Robert G

Wonderful tour with Daily Istanbul Tours

Several weeks ago in September, 2010, my husband and I, along with another couple, took a shared full day tour with Daily Istanbul Tours. There was only one other couple in addition to us four. I had emailed Soner at Daily Istanbul Tours just a few weeks ahead of our day in Istanbul and he was not available, but he did find another guide for us. Her name is Ebru, and she did a fantastic job of showing us the major highlights of the Old City and explaining her culture to us. We were picked up right on time from the Ruby Princess at the port in a very comfortable van. We had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant (where we met Soner) and visited the spice market in addition to the other stops listed on the Classics Tour. The Grand Bazaar was closed (it was Sunday) so we went to the Underground Cistern, which was very beautiful and one of my favorite parts of the tour. All in all, an interesting and fun day! It is so pleasant and educational to see the sights in a small group with a personable and knowledgeable guide!

This is a very responsible company that I feel comfortable recommending. I had emailed Soner with many questions, and he answered promptly and with great patience. We were returned on time to the ship with many wonderful memories of Istanbul and its people

Reviewed October 6, 2010

Allen T

Excellent Tour, very knowledgeable

My husband and I took a tour with Soner last month, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We saw all of the "major" sights, and Soner definitely told us more than we would have learned from a guidebook if we had attempted it on our own. Also, our tour ran way past the alloted time, but Soner did not rush us or cut out any part of the tour. We would highly recommend him as a guide!

Reviewed October 5, 2010

Henrik C

Great Experience with Soner

Just back from Istanbul where we spent last Tuesday with Soner.......he was waiting for us, on time, at our hotel. Our time with him was very well worth his fees. He's a very pleasant and knowledgeable person and we learned so much from him. Being in a "new" culture, we appreciated his patience and answers to many questions. I can absolutely recommend Soner to anyone looking for a knowledgeable guide , a very nice person to lead the way, and an extremely memorable day.

Reviewed October 4, 2010

Daniel M

Soner extended himself personally to help us in Istanbul and after we came home

While in Istanbul this May we toured with Soner of Daily Istanbul Tours. What we did with him in one day would have taken us at least 3 days on our own. His English is very good and he is very knowledgable about Turkey and it's history. After we returned to the States, we recieved a bowl we had purchased for $700 while in Istanbul. The bowl arrived broken and the merchant refused to refund our money. We contacted Soner who visited the shop on our behalf on several occasions. In the end, we got our money back.

If is very hard to deal internationally after you are home and have no leverage. We truly appreciated Soner's willingness to visit the shop on our behalf. We highly recommend touring with him.

Reviewed October 3, 2010

Barbara W

Soner was like a walking encyclopedia

My wife and I took a full-day tour with Soner last month, and enjoyed it very much. We learned so much about the city and its history. I would highly recommend his tours. Soner is extremely knowledgable and friendly.

Reviewed September 20, 2010

Mike B

If you want to see and know about Istanbul this is the only tour you'll need

Excellent tour guide, will show you all the sights you need to see and can answer all your questions. Will make your whole day a pleasureable expericence and you will come away knowing all you need to know about Istanbul and how to continue to enjoy your stay in this great city.

Included a nice lunch on this great walking tour. A camera is a must!

Reviewed September 19, 2010

Martin C

Off The Beaten Path

The smaller tours make it much easier to interact with the guide and take us on side trips. Besides following the agenda, Soner took us to a side trip to Little Hagia Sophia and a calligrapher's workshop which were some of the more memorable moments of the tour. We walked around the Old City and Soner pointed out customs and interesting daily facts of life in Istanbul you probably wouldn't find in a guide. Highly recommended.

Reviewed September 14, 2010

George P

Outstanding Service

Soner does an outstanding job and provides real insights into what you are seeing. He really went the extra mile to make sure that he packed as much value into our time together as possible. If we return to Istanbul we will definitely try to link up with him again and I can recommend him without reservation to anyone traveling to Istanbul.

Reviewed September 13, 2010

John L

Personal and Knowledgeable Tour Guide

Soner was fantastic as a tour guide; we would highly recommend him to anyone wishing a personal and knowledgeable tour of Istanbul. His english is fluent and he added many extras to the trip that made us feel we got an in-depth history of the major highlights of Istanbul in a secure and professional guide format.

Reviewed September 10, 2010

Cristian C

Daily Istanbul Tours arranged a fabulous day trip to Cappadocia

We arranged a one-day trip by air from Istanbul to Cappadocia on the Internet and our contact was Soner at Daily Istanbul Tours. He very quickly responded to all our enquiries and promptly sent out travel vouchers and flight etickets.

The trip provided by DIT was perfect with amazing organization and a wonderful guide called Suat in Cappadocia and we would definitely book with Daily Istanbul Tours again.

Reviewed September 8, 2010

Thinh G

My only regret in Istanbul

I only regret I did not sign up for an extra day with Soner for more touring. His classical 8 hour of Istanbul was fabulous. We stayed in Istanbul for 8 days and our tour day with him was the best..

Reviewed September 7, 2010

Renee B

Excellent tour and excellent educated guide

Did the Istanbul tour with Soner who was an excellent guide and enjoyable companion for the day. His knowledge is excellent and willingness to assist and share his knowledge of the city and places to eat, and buy what ever was much appreciated.

The tour was due to finish at 5 pm but at 7 pm Soner was dropping me off at a restaurant and checking to make sure the booking was in order before leaving me for the day.

He studied at university to be a guide and his knowledge was exceptional if not too much for some one who is a first timer to Turkey, take on board what ever you have the capacity to absorb as there is so much he offers in the way of knowledge. His English is perfect and interest in his clients first class.

Highly recommended and even the group tours never exceed 8 in the group.. Have no hesitation in recommending him whilst in Istanbul.

Reviewed September 2, 2010

Wayne T

Soner leads an excellent, informative and reasonably priced tour!

My wife and I called Soner at the last minute for a tour and it couldn't have turned out better. There were a couple of other people that canceled so we ended getting a private tour. No topic was off limits for Soner and he has a tremendous amount of information and perspective to share. After the tour, Soner went out of his way to help us plan the rest of our time in Turkey. I strongly recommend Soner as a great way to get a feel for Istanbul.

Reviewed August 29, 2010

Brandon M

Istanbul Guide

Soner was our guide for 2 days.He is a walking history book, explains with pride and knowledge beyond his age. He was very responsible and pleasing and knows his way around. He was an excellent guide !

Reviewed August 27, 2010

Harsha M

Great time in Istanbul!

We worked with Soner Tufan for two days while visiting Istanbul for the first time; we did the full day, introductory tour in the old city with him, as well as the 1/2 day Bosphorus tour. My wife and I really enjoyed our time with Soner, and we highly recommend him and both tours. Soner was prompt and informative, and his English was excellent. What is more, he was very sensitive to our specific interests on the tour, tailoring them for us. He made a few side trips with us while on the tours, and we were both very grateful that he was willing to speak frankly about life in Istanbul and how to avoid "tourist traps." We came out of our tours thinking of him as a friend, the highest endorsement that I can suggest.

Reviewed August 22, 2010

Kevin M

Soner is Fabulous - The Best tour guide !

My boyfriend and I were in Istanbul for one day only and were lucky to have Soner as our guide. He listened to what we asked to do, and made sure we fit everything in, which wasn't easy. In one day we saw everything on our list! Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia ... Subway and a Ferry over to the Asian Side .. Delicious Fish Lunch sitting at a little outdoor cafe on the water .. Ferry Ride Back to Europe Side to finish up with Spice Market, Cistern, and Grand Bazaar! How is THAT for one day in Istanbul! We had time to relax have lunch, and have a lot of fun. Soner's knowledge is impressive and extensive. I wish we had more time so that we could have benefitted more fully from his extensive historical knowledge. He whisked us around town never missing a beat and putting our day together perfectly. He helped us to purchase items explaining the correct prices to pay. He was patient funny knowledgeable and fully accomodating. The HIGHEST recommendation from Lulu and Gregg -- (Connecticut & New York City)

Reviewed August 22, 2010

Lulu C

Awesome - Terrific Tour with a Terriffic Guide!

We were in Istanbul for 3 days and spent one of those days touring with Daily Istanbul Tours - To say this is a first class act would be an understatement - Our tour guide and by the way, the owner of Daily Istanbul Tours, Soner is incredibly knowledgeable about Istanbul and really immerses you in its culture and history. Soner knows not only every bit of information about the sites, but somehow manages to know when to go so that there will be no lines! Everything about the tour was terrific and Soner is a real pleasure to talk to. I can not recommend this tour company strongly enough - You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed August 22, 2010

Aron B

Very Reliable for all your Turkey attractions....really a blessing for a successful vacation

We had a great trip to Istanbul this August `10. We spent almost 10 days and for all our requirements in terms of airport transfers, sight seeing and local attraction we were lucky enough to have Sonar Tufan from Daily Istanbul Tours. He is just amazing, very well versed with the local surroundings in Turkey and prompt in replying to our emails and organising the trips at reasonable prices. During our stay in Istanbul I used to send him emails from my blackberry and immediately used to get a reply with details from Sonar. The success of his company is his dedication and quick service which makes visitors feel at home. I wish you Sonar all the very best and keep up this good work.
God bless and take care

Reviewed August 20, 2010

Daniel C

Extremely Informative and helpful guide who gave us a wonderful insight into the attractions of Istanbul

We contacted Soner on short notice and booked our day trip based on reports in this forum and found him to be a wealth of knowlege on all of the main attractions. Soner spoke extremely good English and was flexible in accomodating any extra sights/items we may wish to see. He also provided extra information on Restaurants and other sights which we were interested in during our 3 week stay in Turkey, highly recommended.

Reviewed August 20, 2010

Spencer M

Soner Made Istanbul Come Alive

Booked a half day Istanbul tour with Soner for a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children - ages 11, 12, & 16). He arrived right on time where the cruise ship docked and was waiting for us when we disembarked. We went to the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and many more great sites. We went to lunch, had ice cream (a favorite for my boys) and then he accompanied us to the Grand Bazaar. He stayed with us and helped us navigate our way through the Grand Bazaar to the places we wanted to go and the things we wanted to buy.

He also helped me negotiate better prices on some prayer rugs that I wanted. I was in Istanbul two years ago and this tour was SUPERIOR to any tour that the cruise ship could organize. Highly recommend. A+ service. 6 stars. Above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Soner for a remarkable and memorable time.

Reviewed August 20, 2010

Carrie E

Private Tour of Istanbul

Soner did an excellent job of showing us the sites in Istanbul as we had requested. He was very knowledgeable regarding the history of Istanbul and Turkey and easy to understand. He arranged a private boat tour on the Bosphorus Strait, showed us the Spice Market, Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, Cistern, museum, etc. We especially enjoyed having dinner with him at a local restaruant. We highly recommend him as a tour guide.

Reviewed August 20, 2010

Mary T

Our only regret was not booking a full day tour with Soner!

My son and I took a late afternoon tour with Soner on the day we arrived in Istanbul. Soner was on time, knowledgeable, and friendly. He was flexible with our agenda, and navigated us easily around the city, answered all our questions, and spoke English well. The tour was a pleasure and a wonderful introduction to Istanbul. We highly recommend him as a guide in Istanbul. Our only regret was not booking a fully day tour.

Reviewed August 16, 2010

Imran A

Great Istanbul Tour Guide

One of the best ways to be introduced to the highlights of Istanbul is a tour with the excellent guide, Soner Tufan of Daily Istanbul Tours. His knowledge of Turkish history and culture is extensive, his English is excellent and he's probably the only guide in Istanbul who has worked at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota!

Soner has half-day and full-day tours in a comfortable van with a driver experienced with Istanbul streets and traffic. Our full-day tour was the perfect way to start our visit to this magnificent but overwhelming city.

Reviewed August 3, 2010

Gloria C

Istanbul in one day with a great tour guide

My husband and i did a walking tour of istanbul with our very patient and knowledgable tour guide, Soner. we thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. so much to see and we were able to get a very good taste of the city of istanbul, (especially after the delicious baklava at the end).
Highly recommend the tour and very highly recommend the guide. he knew exactly where to go and we waited on no lines thanks to Soner. we even joked that he could quiz us at the end and we remembered alot more than we thought. a very enjoyable way to see istanbul!!

Reviewed July 27, 2010

Sofie S

Best tour guide for istanbul

Today my wife and i had the experience of a lifetime with Soner as our guide. Soner showed us all of the major attractions of this historical and mystical city. His knowledge of the history and culture was extraordinary.

We never could have had as fantastic an experience without his help. Not only was he a terrific tour guide he went above and beyond and was extremely patient with my wife and i and made the total experiece totally worthwhile. We saw more and learned more than we could have in an entire week without him. i would recommend him to anyone wishing to tour istanbul without reservation. Thank you soner.

Reviewed July 27, 2010

Rachelle T

A perfect visit

I leave in Turkey 6 months a year and many friends come to visit me and ask for advices.

Soner, an official guide, took us around Istanbul in the most important places and where there are less tourists, where it's really possible to meet the people and see the different aspects of the city.
It was a perfect visit made with perfect guide!

Reviewed July 26, 2010

Carola V

Our fabulous tour guide!

Daily Istanbul Tours---Soner was a fabulous guide! He took us where we wanted to go and where he thought we should go. We never waited in lines---even the Blue Mosque etc as he seemed to know just when to visit them. We were the first to enter the Cistern one morning---what an incredible feeling to be there by ourselves-All in all we were very pleased. He knew EVERYTHING and explained it clearly . He was very polite and on time. We would recommend him to everyone!

Reviewed July 24, 2010

Teejay B

Istanbul..we want to go back

Our family thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Istanbul. Taking the Classic Tour with Soner Tufan from Daily Istanbul Tours was amazing. We learned so much about the city, historical sites, food, everything. We were in a small group so we could ask questions frequently. The group was well managed so we had time to see many things but were not so rushed that we did not have time to take in all the amazing sites. Lunch was part of the tour and it was tasty as well as authentic. The entire day was just fabulous and we strongly recommend taking the Classic Tour with Soner Tufan.

Reviewed July 19, 2010

Jack D

A magic and unique city

Istanbul is a magic city with an unique and powerful atmosphere that inspires our inner senses. It reunites a special energy combined with a misticism that only time, history and the glory of life can give.

Soner was a perfect guide. Our eyes were not enough to take profit of all the baeauty that surrounded us. The enchantment of the city lives in our memory and truly in our heart. Forever.

Reviewed July 19, 2010

Cristina O

Great tour- over-and-above service

Soner gave us a great, comprehensive tour of the major sights of Istanbul. He was friendly, and even willing to do some additional research for us on a potential Ephesus tour. I'd highly recommend him.

Reviewed July 18, 2010

Jeff M

Great day in Istanbul

My wife and I spent a week in Turkey in June and the highlight was our day-long sightseeing tour in Istanbul. Soner Tufan is an excellent guide; knowledgeable about the city and its history. The whole day was very enjoyable, relaxing and informative. Soner is a very engaging host and the price was very reasonable compared to some other quotes we got from our hotel. I would highly recommend Soner's service for a memorable day in the city.

Reviewed July 18, 2010

Jack P

One of the best tour guides I have ever had...

I do not usually review things on here but Soner provided such a great day that I thought it necessary to post it on here. Please do not listen to the people below - i cannot imagine Soner giving a bad tour.
He was very informative and had an encyclopedic knowledge of all things turkish. He spoke about the sites we visited in Istanbul and the wider topics surrounding the history and culture of turkey. As this was my first time in Turkey this was hugely interesting.

He was polite, friendly, english is impeccable and most importantly very generous with his time, We had arranged a set tour but when I said I wanted to see the basilica cistern he said he would take us there for no extra charge.

Trust me you will not be disappointed and while slightly more expensive than a guide book it is well worth the extra!!

Thanks Soner for a great day.

Reviewed July 17, 2010

Lara Z

Outstanding tour with knowledgable local guide

After reading the wonderful reviews of Daily Istanbul Tours, doing some other research on touring Istanbul, and wanting a small group tour because of the interaction with the guide, we made arrangements with Soner. The process was simple and quick. Soner arrived at our hotel on time, and there were only three people including us on the tour. Soner is very knowledgable about the sites, the history, and the people of Istanbul.

The time we spent on the tour gave us a comprehensive and excellent introduction to the wonders of Istanbul. Soner planned the tour well, had a loose-leaf book of visual aids, moved us to quiet locations for his talks so we could easily hear, and was willing to make adjustments to the tour per our requests. The included lunch was at a local kebab restaurant, not touristy, and was quite tasty. His guidance did not stop with the end of the tour. He gave us some good recommendations for touring the Bosphorus and the Dolmabache Palace. We found Soner to be personable, friendly, and the tour was wonderful way to spend a day in Istanbul.

Reviewed July 13, 2010

Anne J

Soner is a reliable and professional tour guide with a personal touch

I found Soner through tripadvisor, and emailed him for a tour. He replied in less than an hour, and we proceeded to arrange a private tour of old Istanbul for my wife and I. He also arranged an airport transfer. I found Soner to be 100% reliable and professional, which was most important for me traveling half-way around the world and having only one full day in old Istanbul.

Soner delivers a highly professional tour, informative and complete. In a private tour, he customizes it to meet your needs. Soner was knowledgeable about the history and the old sites we visited. In addition to the main sites we visited, Soner introduced us to local cuisine and a caligraphy artist who graciously wrote our names in caligraphy as a gift for us.

Reviewed July 13, 2010

Kara B

A valuable and priceless experience

Soner put all of my concerns about travel in Istanbul to rest before I ever stepped foot on Turkish soil. He proved to be a friend and guide for us even during our frequent email correspondence before the trip began. He answered all of my emails so promptly that I began to wonder if he ever sleeps!! Right from the beginning, I felt that I could ask him anything and he gave great advice and insight about all sorts of things including the sites and attractions, how to dress in the city, restaurants in the area of our hotel, how to travel and use taxis and what to expect once we got to Istanbul. By the time I arrived in Istanbul, I felt like I knew Soner and he knew me and that was invaluable for the type of day that we would spend together. He takes his job seriously and provides his services with a high level of professionalism with a personal touch as well.

Soner met us promptly at 9 a.m. in the lobby of the hotel and right from the start there was an ease about the interaction between Soner and my family. He is so magnetic and genuine that immediately my husband became absorbed and enchanted by the history of the city and the culture and asked many questions. There was never a question that Soner could not answer. He gave the tour with such enthusiasm that you could not help but be drawn in and admire the culture and the history of this fabulous city.

For any one who thinks that they can save the money and get just as much out of a guide book, I am here to tell you that you are wrong. The cold pages of a guide book, which may give you the information, do not let you absorb yourself into the culture the way that Soner does with his tour of the Old City. No book can make the history come alive like Soner did for us on this tour. His guidance is invaluable and it saves you the hassle of figuring out where everything is and saves you time on the lines to get tickets. I am one who likes to believe that I can navigate a foreign city on my own and I usually don't like "guided tours" but if I had to do it all over again, I would retain the services of Soner and let him take the lead and show me the sites of Istanbul any time.

Believe me, Soner does not rush you from site to site. He let me appreciate the places of most interest and visit an exhibit or place as long and as much as I liked. He is there to stay with you as long as needed (to the point where I felt bad that we were keeping him from his family) and we had alot of laughs as he accompanied us to a rug vendor and a leather shop in the Grand Bazaar. His knowledge of the sites and the history and culture of Turkey was outstanding. He also took a personal interest in our well being while we visited Istanbul and I was always confident in his reliability in helping us navigate our way during the trip even when we were not on tour. Soner is more than a guide, he is a friend.

I highly recommend touring Istanbul under the superb guidance of Soner. It will let you be and become part of a City that is so rich in history and tradition, an experience that should not be missed. I knew before I ever got to Istanbul that I would enjoy my day of touring with Soner and I was not disappointed. Please do not hesitate to retain his services.

Reviewed July 3, 2010

Candica A

It was an awesome experience

We toured Istanbul for 3 days with Soner and he was fabulous! He was very pleasant, knowledgable, professional and was flexible to our needs. He packaged a 3-day custom tour for 4 of us and we did indeed see all that you're "supposed to see" when in Istanbul for the first time. He took us to restaurants where the local eat. It was an unforgettable experience. I would certainly use Soner again and would highly recommend Soner.

Reviewed June 29, 2010

Ronnie N

Great Service!

Due to the good reviews we also booked a tour with Daily Istanbul Tours. Unfortunately, Soner Tufan was not able to guide us and he recommended us someone from Aussie Tours. This was a great mistake. The Aussie Tour guide named Arif was really terrible. He could hardly tell us anything about the daily life in Istanbul and he was only complaining about how crowded everything was. We spent hours in the bus for nothing and we had a horrible lunch way after lunchtime. So after we came back, we immediately sent our complaints to Soner. Soner apologized for the bad experience with Aussie Tours and proposed giving our money back, even though he didn't conduct this tour. First we thought this was a joke, but we did get back our money. We didn't expect this kind of service and we really appreciate this gesture. Hopefully next time we will also be able to experience the good guiding as mentioned in all the reviews.

Reviewed June 28, 2010

Leisa T


Soner was fantastic he was very knowledgeable about culture, religion, history and archeology . We were very well welcome in Istambul. It was a great time. I really recommend him. He is not only a GOOD GUIDE but a GOOD FRIEND.
Obrigada Soner

Reviewed June 21, 2010

Adrina G

Went above and beyond the expected when disaster struck. . .

I booked a tour with Daily Istanbul Tours on May 22nd based on reviews from Trip Advisor. I was NOT disappointed. So much better than large bus tours! Very personal guide that was very willing to accommodate our group. After the van had a slight late arrival (30 min) at our ship's port due to heavy traffic, our party of four began our "Istanbul Classic Tour". After a couple more stops to pick up additional people we arrived at the Byzantine Hippodrome. There seemed to be an incredible amount of people everywhere. We waited in line for 30 min to enter the mosque. It was jammed packed. They really ought to limit the number of people allowed inside at one time but . . .that's another review.

We spent what I consider too long there, as it was overcrowded, dark and not a lot to see. We did learn a lot of history of the religion though. We then walked to the Hagia Sophia. After a nice lunch (included) we walked to the Topkapi Palace. Time was slipping away and the one place I wanted to visit was the grand bazaar (also included). We only had 40 min before we needed to get back to our ship. Needless to say disaster struck when one of our party was seperated from the rest in the "extremely" crowded bazaar. Our guide which had to leave called and had someone else from the company come to be with members of our group while they were looking for the missing person. In the meantime that person had found the tram and was headed back to the ship. The gentleman from Daily Istanbul tours stayed with our group and got them back to the ship via tram and literally ran with them to make sure they didn't get left. He was amazing and went above and beyond the necessary means to ensure all ended well.

Thank you so much for all your help. It was a crazy day to say the least. Even after all the confusion, (Which was not their fault.....We found out later that the reason for the over abundance of crowds was due to a Turkish holiday which allowed all native people free admission-which explains the tons of school age children!) I would highly recommend Sonar and his staff for a tour. They were awesome!

Reviewed June 15, 2010

Leslie H

Istanbul and Turkey Tours

We spent several days the latter part of May in Turkey, three of which were in Istanbul. We arrived on Friday and spent that day on our own, walking around and getting our bearings. On Saturday, we joined a small tour group (9 in all) for an Istanbul city tour. Our tour guide was Soner Tufan (dailyistanbultours@gmail.com) and he was absolutely wonderful. We had a private Bosphorus tour with him the next day.

We had read favorable reviews on TripAdvisor about him and we would like to add our own rave report! As we were trying to formulate our plans, he was always very prompt and helpful in his return emails - making suggestions and helping us figure out logistics. He made it very easy for us to plan and prepare. On the tours, he shared his vast knowledge (he studied four years for his degree in history) and he really knows his stuff! He is kind and accomodating and by the end of the two days, we were comfortable inviting him to come and stay with us whenever he might come to Denver! He told us that while he was studying to become a tour guide, he lived and worked at Mt. Rushmore dishing up ice cream and perfecting his English.

We highly recommend him as a tour guide for anyone visiting the Istanbul area. In addition, we emailed him for suggestions of the other two places in Turkey that we wanted to visit, Cappadocia and Ephesus, and he helped us arranging airfare, hotels, tours, and cars/vans to pick us up and take us everywhere we needed to go. He also set up our hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia and our pilot turned out to be the Turkish ballooning champion! He was also the owner of Sultan Balloons - so that is a very reputable and safe company. Soner did a great job. In Istanbul we stayed at the Hotel Sapphire, which was in the perfect location and had a wonderful staff. The owner is Engin Evsen and he was also very good to work with through email. We had a great time thanks to the help we received from Soner. Also with thanks to TripAdvisor!

Reviewed June 10, 2010

Steven W

Best tour guide

Soner was fantastic. He catered my tour exactly to my liking, and was very knowledgeable about everything--not just about the sites but about culture, religion, etc. as well. Soner is also easy to get along with, and he is dedicated to his job.

Reviewed June 4, 2010

Susan R

A Pedestrian Tour

While my choice of tours was swayed by the overwhelmingly enthusiatic reviews for this guide, I feel a little balance is called for. I know I am about to go against the tide with this review, but I believe the rave reviews are overly generous.

I do agree that all correspondence with Soner was answered VERY promptly- big tick for that.
And that he turned up as promised, on time.Again full marks. We asked for a half day tour of the old city and we got just that: Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome. But having read all these glowing reviews, I had expected a tour guide with a lot more 'zing' and enthusiasm. I found his delivery very dry. Perhaps he was having an off day?  I would recommend purchasing a guide book and going at your own pace (which could well mean you cover the same ground a LOT faster), Save the not insignificant amount of money that this tour cost for a night out on the town.

Reviewed May 29, 2010

Deborah S

Soner was professional and a real pleasure to deal with!

My wife and I just returned from a long cruise which included Istanbul. We contacted Soner Tufan through Trip Advisor before we left and set up two full days to see the area. He was exceptionally prompt in replying to our questions and concerns about touring in Istanbul. When we arrived he met us at the ship and did a wonderful job as a guide. His charges were VERY reasonable, much less than other "regular" tour firms and at least one quarter of what the "on board ship" people wanted. In addition we were able to see more in just the first day than what the on board tour would see in two or more days.

I would also like to point out that Soner did not object to avoiding any carpet seller's shops, or other shops, where most guides insist that you go so they make a commission on any purchases you make.
Do yourselves a favor, avoid the huge tour bus tours that always stop at some place that wants you to buy their tour junk or food. Get in touch with Soner, we really do recommend him very highly.

Reviewed May 21, 2010

Candice M

Couldn't Ask For Better

Soner was one of the best guides I've ever had, understood what I wanted to see and my time frame and made sure we covered everything. His grasp of the history and facts was fantastic and never dull even for someone with as short an attention span as I have. He also helped me find a local group of artists who were able to create some custom calligraphy for me that I have spent years searching for. You can't find a more honest tour guide, not only did he save me a lot of money when looking for specific items and souvenirs I also accidentally overpaid him (long story) and he returned back to my hotel to return the difference. A truly stand up guy!

Reviewed May 19, 2010

Chris V

Soner - can't fault you or the tour

As I was traveling on my own for the first time to Istanbul I thought that I should go on an organized tour and after reading the reviews on tripadvisor booked up with Soner. Couldn't have been better, Soner was knowledgeable, charming and friendly, despite the fact that there was family illness he didn't want to cancel - thanks.

Reviewed May 15, 2010

David S

Great Service!

Soner is a great person, very knowledgeable of his career as a guide of Istanbul attractions, as well as attractions within Turkey, such as Cappadokia, and Canakale. I took his advice on several occasions since 2006 and all the time he was correct. He gave me some excellent tips back then about where to go in Istanbul. He also later gave me advices in 2008-2009 during my several trips to Turkey.
Soner's warm welcome makes you feel home, away from home.

Reviewed May 11, 2010

Munir K

Excellent day tour of Istanbul

I booked onto this tour following reading the glowing recommendations by other Trip Advisor members and my boyfriend and I were not disappointed. Soner is a wonderful guide, he is organized and patient and his explanations are clear and detailed. We learnt so much on our day with Soner, not just about the history and amazing sights in the Old Town of Istanbul but also about the culture and people of the terrific modern day city that Istanbul is.

Reviewed May 6, 2010

Larnie L

Great Days in Istanbul

As a photographer i ' ve been travel for the last 20 years around the world and it was the best guide i ever had, very honest, very hopeful, i' ll be back to Istanbul in some weeks to photographer again and i hope to work again with SONER, as we say in Portugal . Um Homem Bom !

Reviewed April 22, 2010

Pedro L

2000 years of History in an Afternoon

The most important part of my visit to Istanbul was the tour of Saint Sophia. For decades I have wanted to visit the place where East and West met and then split. Nobody could fail to be impressed by such a huge and ancient building. My guide was excellent telling me all relevant facts without lecturing me. He was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. My visit to The Cistern was also a highlight of my visit. What an intriguing and atmospheric place to visit. My trip on the Bosphorus was yet another highlight of my visit. I must return for a much longer stay. It was "chilly" on the day I visited and threatened to rain. I recommend that visitors take this into account.

Reviewed April 22, 2010

Vin Richley

Fantastic Tour in Istanbul

We are very glad that we did istanbul classics tour with Soner. It was fantastic. Soner literally took us back in time with his amazing knowledge about the history and excellent narrating style. It was much more interesting, educating an at times overwhelming to look around these historical monuments through his eyes.. he was kind enough to give us very handy tips while traveling in the city and even while shopping. We had great vacation with Soner..thank you and god bless ..if you are looking for value for your money and at the same time exciting and comfortable tour around Istanbul Soner is your guy.......:)

Reviewed April 21, 2010

Dhananjay M

Great Tour in Istanbul

Soner was our guide for the city tour. we were lucky to get a private tour which was fantastic. soner took us to all the places of historic importance. he has an amazing knowledge about the history and culture there.. and it was much much more interesting and overwhelming to look around thanks to the historical background he gave us.. he also gave us very useful suggestions which came in handy while travelling in the city and even while shopping. he also went out of his way to help us with somke other thngs which made it very comfortable for us. Soner is DEFINITELY the person to be with if u wanna enjoy istanbul..

Reviewed April 21, 2010

Ragini M

Daily Istanbul Tours was a highlight of our trip and allowed us to appreciate the beauty and history of Istanbul

On our first visit to Istanbul in 2009, my daughter and I happened upon Sonar as we wandered near Topkapi Palace in the Old City. We initially hired him to assist in our tour of the Palace, but afterwards arranged for him to spend the rest of the day with us. Sonar is a very knowledgeable, friendly and helped us really enjoy our day of exploring and touring.

I returned to Istanbul a few months later with my wife as part of a Mediterranean cruise. We contacted Daily Istanbul Tours and arranged to have Sonar meet us at the dock and conduct a tour for ourselves and the couple that we were travelling with. He was faithfully there on time and had arranged for a driver and a very comfortable van for us to tour in. We had a delightful day of touring! Sonar is very flexible and can arrange for any combination of main city attractions, depending on the interests of the group. In our case we visited a wide variety of places including Hagia Sophia, the Spice Market, The Grand Bazaar, the Hippodrome and Topkapi Palace.

We left Istanbul with a friend and with a special appreciation for this wonderful city and Turkish culture.

We would highly recommend Daily Istanbul Tours and Sonar to anyone who is visiting Istanbul and who would like a personalized and informative tour of the city and its attractions.

Reviewed April 19, 2010

Paul J

Great Two Weeks Tour in Turkey

We spent one beautiful day in Istanbul with Soner before we started on our 2 week tour through all the major cities and attractions in Turkey. We loved Turkey and especially Istanbul. Would recommend to anyone.

Reviewed April 15, 2010

Louis L

Soner, the great tour guide

If visiting Istanbul is an amazing experience, visiting Istanbul with Soner makes it incredible. A great guide, professional and, guess what, a pretty cool friend too. He took us not only to the most beautiful places but he gave us the spirit of the sites, arranged special events for us and he was absolutely unstoppable. I will come back soon. For the city, and for great people I've met there. Thank you so much "canim" 😉

Reviewed April 14, 2010

Andrea T

Soner - the best guide in Istanbul

We're a traveling family of 4 traveling to Istanbul for the first time. We contacted Soner on the evening of our arrival (based on the great reviews on TripAdvisor) and he didn't disappoint. We arranged a tour for the next day and he picked us up from our hotel promptly at 9 and we toured Sultanahamet and the Grand Bazaar for the day. We elected for the group tour and because there was no other groups that day, we essentially got a private tour at a great rate. The tour was insightful and educational - best of all we all got an appreciation of Islamic beliefs and the many similarities with other religions. Soner would be the best advocate for anyone looking to tour in Istanbul.

Reviewed April 11, 2010

Bill Vcr

If you like history

To begin with may i say that Soner the guide we had for the tour was fantastic, if you would like a tour with a tour guide that really knows every detail of the history of Istanbul then this is the tour for you, so not only did he bring us around all the spots that you are meant to see while there, he also could answer every question that i had and believe me i ask a lot of questions. He was also pleasant company and really honest with us. So just to finish thank you Soner for making Istanbul truly memorable.

Reviewed March 25, 2010

Andrew L

The most helpful man in Istanbul

Before we left for our three day trip to Istanbul, we decided as this was our first visit that the use of an official tour guide made sense. We first contacted the Hotel for advice, I also asked freinds who had recently been out there. "Not covinced" So I looked on Trip Adviser and found a company called Daily Istanbul Tours. I called Soner Tufan from his company and got a positive & helpfull response. Emailing answers to my questions immediately .

Soner does the airport-hotel private shuttle service as well.

He gave us 8hrs + of professional guiding, we visited Haga Sophia, The Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace etc. including entrance fee's, lunch and transport.

Great value and good company. Thankyou again Soner

Reviewed March 25, 2010

Stewart F

Amazing Istanbul Tour

We've just returned from Istanbul and managed to see some beautiful and historical places in Istanbul. Our very knowledgeable guide, Soner Tufan from Daily Istanbul Tours made all the difference as he was very patient, friendly and made every effort to make sure we understood the history of each place we visited. It was extremely interesting to visit the Hagia Sophia which is so rich in history. Equally interesting was also the Basilica Cistern and the Blue Mosque. Istanbul is highly recommended for a holiday! However beware of the taxi drivers, we got overcharged several times.

Reviewed February 13, 2010

Wong SL

Layover Tour of Istanbul

I wanted to make the best use of my time and money during my layover in Istanbul, but was concerned about making my connecting flight. It turns out I had nothing to worry about because Daily Istanbul Tours took care of EVERYTHING for me. I visited and learned much more than I ever expected during my short time in Istanbul... all thanks to my trusted guide and new friend, Soner. He was patiently waiting for me at the airport and we drove comfortably into town in his luxury car. He got me into all the sights and past the lines without any hassle. He's a wealth of knowledge and extremely friendly. He managed our time expertly and made certain I got back to the airport with plenty of time to make my international flight. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'm so happy I used Daily Istanbul Tours. It was worth every penny and more! I HIGHLY recommend their services! You can check the details of this wonderful layover tour is at https://www.dailyistanbultours.com/tour/istanbul-private-tour-from-airport


Best Tour Operator in Istanbul

Having been let down in the morning by a very inferior tour operator (booked through expedia) we were anxious to find a replacement your with a reputable company. We booked this at less than 24 hours notice and Soner the organiser could not have been more helpful or efficient. He arranged our guide and confirmed our trip in less than an hour. We had A fabulous day. Our guide Ozlem was extremely knowledgable and very enthusiastic about the sights we visited. My husband is a keen historian and already had a lot of information relating to our visit but she was able to expand on this and still keep me interested despite my lack of historical knowledge. She brought the whole scene to life.She was eager to inform us on anything to do with Turkey and in particular Istanbul including tips on how best to get around and other places to visit. She helped us with general background information on Turkey and gave us an overview of the culture, education and social life of the country. She was more than willing to tailor the day to our preferences, as we had already visited the Grand bazaar she took us to an alternative venue. We expected the included lunch to be very basic but it was not. We had a 3 course lunch with a choice of main course. We could not have been happier with our trip. Well done Done Daily Istanbul tours and thank you Ozlem.

Sylvia Long

Best Value Istanbul Tour

In the past year I've had some pretty fun adventures all over the USA, in China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, the UK, Spain, the UAE, and now Istanbul. While I've had a lot of fun in all those places, I can say unequivocally that my Istanbul Classics small group tour with Metin has been the best $90 USD I have ever spent on any activity in any of those places. If you are considering a tour of Istanbul and questioning whether you should do it with Daily Istanbul Tours, with some other tour organizer, or on your own, I can assure you that the best decision will be to book with DIT and be sure to request Metin as your guide.

I won't bore you with details of the sites we saw, since you can get all of that information from their website. What I'll do instead is share a little about why this tour ended up being the highlight of our holiday:

* It's easy enough to find and get into the sites, but there is so much information out there about them that it's really hard to distill it all into useful material. Metin is an expert on each site and knows exactly what the most interesting and relevant details are; he'll definitely help you make the most of your time at each place you go. Going on our own would be been stupid; we would have wasted hours wandering around, not really knowing what the more significant parts were or what we were looking at, etc. With so little time and so much to see, it was important to use our time efficiently, which we definitely did.

* There can be something intimidating about being in a foreign country, especially if you are easily recognizable as a foreigner, don't speak the language, and aren't traveling with a group. Spending a day with Metin lets you truly relax and focus on the amazing sites without having to constantly watch your back or worry about getting screwed (which is a concern in any major city). With Metin, there's no pressure to buy any random crap, no worries about cultural faux-pas, and nobody bothering you at all when they see you are with him. If someone does approach you, he will dispatch them quickly.

* Whatever random questions you have, I guarantee Metin will be able to answer them. Want to know what material a wall was built from? Metin knows its chemical composition. Want to know what year a building was constructed? He can tell you when each part of it was created, how long it took, how it was made, who made it, how many times it has been destroyed, where the materials came from, etc. Curious about some Turkish or Islamic history? Metin knows the years, the people, the hows, and the whys. And don't worry about being able to understand him and communicate easily; his English is fantastic, with a slight British accent on some words, which is an extra bonus for us Americans who don't get to hear real English very often

* Metin is very personable and took a sincere interest in making sure we had the best possible time in Istanbul. When I mentioned that I really wanted to smoke some narguile, he made sure we were able to get some after our lunch. While we were hanging out at the café, several of his friends happened to be passing by or were around, so he introduced us to all of them and we ended up having some very interesting conversations. We had such a great time on the tour but didn't have any plans later for our last night in Istanbul, so Metin invited us to meet up with them later since they would be hanging out along Istiklal near our hotel. We ended up spending another few hours together that evening and into the early morning hours talking about all sorts of interesting topics, exploring some really fascinating areas that we would otherwise have missed, and meeting more people.

This was advertised as a 4 to 6-person small group tour, but due to the season and perhaps people's irrational fears about coming to Turkey, it ended up just being me, my dad, and Metin. This definitely helped contribute to the awesomeness of the experience, but I have no doubt that a group of any size would get great value out of a tour with him as well.

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Daily Istanbul Tours and Metin for making our trip to Turkey so memorable.

Steven R.

Istanbul Walking Tours

I'll start with WOW and go from there. I've done a few of the free walking tours with the Sandeman's folks and they did a great job in Edinburgh and Prague but they're not in Istanbul so I turned to Yelp and found these folks.

Meeting by the Cistern, we walked a solid 20,000 steps (according to my Fitbit) through a half dozen of Istanbul's best known sites including the Topkapı Sarayı, the Blue Mosque, the Hippodrome and Hagia Sophia. Along the way, we made several stops and there were a good number of spots where our super tour guide gave us time to explore on our own. When she led us around, she had constant knowledge of the sites and the city of Istanbul and of Turkey. A vast and deep knowledge. I was impressed.

Our tour was well organized and well run. The lunch spot was excellent.

A couple of tips.
- Bring a backpack and a bottle or two of water.
- An umbrella is a good idea as the tour runs even if it's raining.
- Sunscreen!
- Comfortable walking shoes that have a good tread. Istanbul's streets are smooth stone and you don't want to slip and fall.
- For the Blue Mosque, you'll be expected to dress appropriately. There are free head coverings.
- Extra batteries for your phone/camera. You will take a lot of pictures in six hours!
- Pay attention to the meet up spots after the self-exploration. A certain Yelper *cough* Bruce K. *cough* got himself separated from the tour and was nearly stuck on his own until he spotted the green umbrella!


Bruce K.

Best Istanbul Tour

Having done bus tours & walking tours through other countries for 20+ years, I have to put Ali up there with the best of the best. Guides can sound like they're regurgitating facts because they do it every day to crowds that may not be receptive. While the sights & sites are the centerpieces, the guide makes the difference between an interesting day and a 'checklist' day.

The full day walking tour was perfect in seeing the Haggia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, etc. The day was a little warm, the humidity a little thick and the cruise crowds a little much but Ali found the ideal spots for us to gather and hear the rich history of the city and the people. Ali tailored the tour to each and every one of us in the group (all with different priorities). One of the members of our group had a bit of a cough so Ali had cough drops and then took him to a pharmacy to get him cough syrup! If I had to recommend ONE tour with ONE guide, it would be Ali for the Istanbul Walking Tour.



Peter H.

rich in history

If you are a history buff, this is the tour for you! We were 4 adults on a private tour with Ozgur. He was very nice and knowledgeable. We probably should have told him that we were on information overload, since this was our last stop on a 16 day trip. I think we would have absorbed the information better if he had left out some of the details, but in his defense, we did not say anything during the tour. The sites were great, and Ozgur definitely knew his stuff. When planning this tour, Ali was very responsive and patient with all my questions.

Alison B


We had a fantastic time. GREAT!

We learnt a lot and would gladly recommend your services and book another tour next time we visit Istanbul.

Best of luck and thank you again for your kind and very professional services.

Izelle & Duncan

Great to deal with

Wish to thank Soner for his professionalism and assistance. He provides an amazing service and is very easy to deal with...thank you.

Guarantee that when we return to Istanbul, we will be using Daily Istanbul Tours again!

Marcelo O

Fantastic Istanbul Tour During Layover

My wife and I had about an eight-hour layover in Istanbul, and Soner gave us a perfect tour to help us enjoy and pass the time. We hit hot spots like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar and water caverns, and escaped some rain and cold temperatures by ducking into a cafe for a great Turkish coffee. Soner was friendly and knowledgeable, and had us back in plenty of time for our flight - we could not recommend any more highly!

G. Emerling

Superb Istanbul Tour

This was our first trip to Istanbul and Ali was a wonderful guide. He took us to Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, the Hippodrome and Grand Bazaar. As were only a small group (6) he was able to explain everything without microphones, he was in constant contact with the office to see where the queues were shortest. He has a wealth of knowledge. The lunch was very tasty and again he took the time to explain the different foods. We ended our day at the Grand Bazaar with time to look round before returning to our ship. I would definitely recommend this tour for cruisers with one proviso if you have an overnight stay do it on the first day as the traffic in Istanbul is crazy

Beverley Barnett

A Great Full Day Tour of Istanbul

After a short bus ride from the cruise ship terminal, our tour guide Emine led a small group of 11 of us on a whirlwind trip through the major sights of Istanbul: the Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, the Underground Cistern, the Hagia Sophia, and finally the Grand Bazaar. Istanbul was quite crowded that day, but Emine tried to minimize waiting time, as she shepherded us from place to place. Of course, the things we saw were incredible, and her commentary added quite a bit of historical perspective. At lunch, Emine sat with me and my wife, and we had a very pleasant conversation about our shared vocation as college professors. The only downside to the trip, and no fault of the guide, the bus driver, or the tour company, was a massive traffic jam getting back to the cruise terminal. It took 90 minutes for what should have been a 15 minute ride. Needless to say, we were all exhausted but happy when we finally got back to the ship after a full day enjoying the city.

K Harrow

Great tour in Ephesus

Daily Istanbul tour arranged a shore excursion for us in Ephesus. Our tour guide Zeynep was truly amazing. She was knowledgable, passionate, and fun. Zeynep was very flexible, and we moved at our own pace. The highlight of the tour was the ruins of ancient Ephesus. We also had a delicious outdoor lunch during the tour. We would highly recommend the Ephesus tour and tour guide Zeynep.

Orlando Adamson

Istanbul Private Tour

We requested a private tour with "Oz" Ozgu Unal for our family of six based on the reviews on Trip Advisor. My contact through Daily Istanbul Tours was Soner and he was extremely helpful in reserving Oz as our guide. Oz met us at our hotel to begin the walking tour of Hagia Sophia, Byzantine Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar and at our request the Basilica Cistern. Oz is extremely knowledgeable and we learned so much about the history and culture of this beautiful country. The tour included an incredible lunch. Oz is very delightful and a joy to be around and I highly recommend her as a guide. Thank you Soner and Oz for making our first day in Istanbul an incredible day.

Karin TielmanAdcock / USA

Most incredible day in Istanbul

We met and spent one day with our tour guide, Ozlem, who is very knowledgeable, professional and an excellent addition to your team, at the entrance of the Basilica Cistern Museum. She took us to the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern and the last stop was the Grand Bazaar. I can only say that without her we would not have have had such a superb explanation of the history of each of the sites. We had a wonderful time and thank you for providing Ozlem as our guide.

Eric S/USA

Erich Sulzer

Speed tourism at its best!

My girlfriend and I visited Istanbul for a weekend, which meant with flight times we only really had 2 full days to pack a lot in. This tour is absolutely perfect if you are a first time visitor on a tight time-frame for such a huge city.

The booking: Soner was excellent in his prompt responses to me. I had asked for the Friday but unfortunately could not get this, so we rescheduled for the Saurday which actually suited as the Blue Mosque is closed Fridays. I had a few questions for Soner after booking and he got back to me within 2 hours each time. Excellent pre-tour service in my opinion.

The tour: Easy and central meeting point - Ali had all the group's names showing so we could find him easily. The tour took in Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Hippodrome and the Grand Bazaar. These are essentially the top sites in Istanbul so the itinerary can not be complained with. I am not going to explain each one but trust me they are all well worth the visit! The groups are small which I like - makes it more personal, you can ask questions at any time, and you get to meet other people from around the world. With a small group you can also make decisions on the pace of the tour e.g. if the group are collectively done with one site, there was no hanging about - it was on to the next one. We also agreed to end the day in the Bazaar so there would be no time limits to shop around. Again this is a nice touch and made me feel like the tour was centred around the customer.

The tour guide - Ali took our tour. He was on time for the meeting point, was easy to spot with signs so plus points from the start. Ali is like an Istanbul encyclopedia but he was always open to questions and even debate which again made the tour look way more personal than others I saw. In another tour all the group had ear pieces and the guide spoke in a microphone as they walked through the sites - bit impersonal and no room for questions! Ali was engaging and friendly - he got to know us all very quickly by name and also got to know where we were from etc - superb guide.

The food: I feel as a review I need to put this in as Ive been on tours before with 'lunch included' and it resembled my 5 year old nephew's lunch box! We got taken to an authentic turkish restaurant and got served a starter and a main of traditional but not wacky turkish dishes. From conversation at the table and the empty plates everyone really enjoyed the food! Just a note though to anyone reading this - you pay for the drinks but food is included in tour price. No big deal as beer was cheap but maybe as feedback for the tour company this should be told when booking.

So overall I would rate this tour as a must do if only visiting for a weekend and are an Istanbul first timer! The sites, the group size and the guide were all massive plus points.

David Ramsey

A perfect day visiting the highlights of Istanbul

We booked with Daily Istanbul for a semi-private shore excursion. It was just my husband and myself along with 3 other couples who had booked the shared excursion on the day we went. We had a great experience with this company all the way from our first contact with them to enquire what they could offer on our date and all of the follow-up email contact from Soner. This tour was excellent. We were picked up and dropped off right at the cruise terminal. Our guide on the day was Ali. Ali was very pleasant and informative. He did a great job explaining the various sights and welcomed questions. All of the places we visited (The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern and of course, the Grand Bazaar) were incredible and unlike anything we have visited before. The tour included all our entrance fees and a yummy traditional Turkish lunch. We researched many companies before choosing Daily Istanbul Tours. We can definitely say we are very pleased to have made the right decision. Thank you for giving us such a great day in your city and for providing us with Ali for the day. We hope to visit again one day.

Angeltravellergirl / USA

Istanbul Tour

We spent two days with Ozlem from Daily Istanbul Tours. She was great. The first day was a small group walking your in the older part of the city. It was a very cold and rainy day and she did a wonderful job keeping us moving, learning and having fun. She was also very helpful and flexible when one in the group needed help. The second day we did a half day tour of several sites. Again she was flexible and adjusted the itinerary based on our interests as well as the crazy traffic in Istanbul. She was super knowledgeable about the history and the many cultures in the city. With only a couple of days in town I can't imagine seeing so much and really getting a good appreciation of Istanbul any other way. Thank you and we will be back!

Elyse Rosenblum / USA

Istanbul Private Tour and Small Group Shore Excursion

Our ship had an overnight stay in Istanbul and we booked a private excursion on the first day and a small group excursion the next day, both with Daily Istanbul Tours. Sonar was our contact person at DIT and was very helpful.. Some of the sights were closed on the first day we were there and others were closed on the next day. Sonar was able to make sure we were able to see them all. All the email communications were timely and easy to understand. Ali was our guide on both days. He was just outside the ship waiting for us to get off--easy to find. We were quickly taken to the van for our transportation. Ali was very knowledgeable about the sights we were visiting. He was efficient with his explanations and left just the right amount of "free time" to explore the sights. Lunch was provided on one of the tours and was very very good. We were transported back to the ship with no worries about being late. So, in summary, both our tours with Daily Istanbul Tours were Top Notch!!!

United States

Excellent private istanbul shore excursion - definitely the way to go

We chose this service based on the Tripadvisor reviews, and were not disappointed. The experience with our professional guide Ozlem was fabulous and the value received was outstanding. Our group of six seniors only had one day in Istanbul and wanted to experience all the "must see" destinations. Ozlem was clearly very experienced but that familiarity did nothing to diminish her enthusiasm. She answered all of our questions and was very careful not to overestimate or underestimate our knowledge. We never felt like we were attending a lecture; rather, she treated us like good friends that were visiting for the day and kept the pace exactly right for our group. Kudos to this provider - great service at affordable rates.

Ottawa, Canada

What a wonderful day in Old City Sultanahmet Istanbul

My husband and I had a very enjoyable day with our guide Ozgu Unal "Oz" touring Topkapi palace, the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia sofia and the Grand Bazaar. Os was extremely knowledgeable, charming and flexible. There were 9 of us in the tour and we all spent a lovely day enjoying each other's company because of the warm environment Os provided. We also had a delicious lunch as part of the tour. Thank you Daily Istanbul Tours for having such a great guide and tour! Also the process of reserving and paying for the tour was simple and straightforward. Money well spent!


Great tour of Istanbul, highly recommended

Ozlem was on time, and had a great attitude. She gave us useful tips for the next days and described every detail all day long. The day we spent with her was by far the best and most useful day of our stay in Turkey. We have had other guides on other stops of our trip and Ozlem has been the best, I seriously wish she could have travelled with us the entire trip long. The information was clear, she was patient when we asked all sorts of questions and she tried her best to squeeze in all the attractions she could in the time we spent together.

Renée S

Fantastic Istanbul Day Trip with Oz

The walking tour around old Istanbul with our guide Oz was excellent. She covered all important sites, and gave us valuable historical facts and information. Also took us for a delicious kebab lunch.

Shrinivas G


Private Tour of Istanbul

This was the only way to see Istanbul. We had 1 1/2 days and we could not have had a better experience or seen more sights. Ozlem was an excellent guide. She gave us outstanding information on the attractions and answered all of our questions. She also knew the best photo ops, locations of clean restrooms, and an outstanding place to have an amazing Turkish meal. It was great to have a small group (we were 8 in number) when we got into some of the crowded attractions rather than try to stay (and hear) with a larger group. Ozlem gave us flexibility at the attractions based on our interests (more on history and less on shopping). Soner was also very helpful during the booking process, answering all of our questions and making sure everything was clear before we arrived. We would book through this company again in a heartbeat and recommend them highly.

Alberta, Canada

Great Tour of Istanbul

We thoroughly enjoyed this informative tour of Istanbul with knowledgeable tour guide Oz.It gave us an interesting insight into life in Istanbul and because the tour group was small we had a far more personal and flexible tour this way.Would definitely recommend daily Istanbul tours again!

Kenilworth, United Kingdom

Wonderful Istanbul Tour!

I would highly recommend a day tour with Daily Istanbul Tours. We were fortunate enough to have Oz as our tour guide and she was a wealth of knowledge on the historical aspects of our locations. I would highly recommend them for a day tour of the historical parts of Istanbul.

Walnut Creek, California

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